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High-Speed Testing Machine HTM

  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Automotive
  • Composites
Test load
  • 25 kN - 160 kN
  • 12 m/s - 20 m/s
Type of test
  • High-speed tensile tests
  • Puncture tests
  • ISO 6603-2
  • ASTM D3763-02
  • ISO26203-2
  • SEP 1230
  • ESIS P7-00

Crash Simulation with ZwickRoell

The fracture behavior of many materials is dependent on, among other things, the loading rate. Relevant data and constitutive equations are required for the numerical calculation of crash safety. The HTM series of servohydraulic high-speed testing machines allow strain-rate-dependent characteristic values to be determined over a wide speed range. Uses for machine include puncture tests and high-speed tensile tests, as well as peel, and shear tests at high speeds. Tests on components can also be performed in conjunction with the optional T-slotted platform.

High-speed testing machines form a complete system with all components - including the hydraulic power pack, test frame with high-speed testing actuator and safety housing, fast measurement and control electronics with PC and evaluation software—matched and integrated.

High-speed testing machines

High-speed testing machine for high-speed tensile tests at 1000 °C

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features
HTM 25 kN (12 m/s)
HTM 50 kN / 80 kN (20 m/s)
HTM 160 kN (20 m/s)


  • The HTM series is available in various versions with maximum test loads of 25, 50, 80 or 160 kN.
  • The maximum piston speed is 20 m/sec. For testing, this can be selected from a wide range from very slow to maximum speed.
  • The testing machine can be supplied for 280 bar system pressure.
  • testControl measurement and control electronics in addition to testXpert III testing software enable comprehensive test result evaluation, report creation and data management.

Advantages & Features

  • With testXpert a uniform software platform is available, from test definition right through to evaluation.
  • Easy integration of optical extensometers.
  • Machine is mounted on pneumatic springs, allowing installation almost anywhere.

HTM 25 kN (12 m/s)

Rated at 25 kN and 12 m/s, the HTM 2512 is the smallest machine in the series. The single testing actuator is installed below in the machine table. It is particularly suitable for testing plastics (polymers, polyurethane).

In addition to high-speed tensile tests to ISO 18872, puncture tests to ISO 6603-2 are frequently performed using this machine.

HTM 50 kN / 80 kN (20 m/s)

The HTM 5020 is the most versatile machine in the series. Rated at 50 kN and with a maximum piston speed of 20 m/s it can be used for testing both plastics and metallic specimens, e.g. sheet metal for automobile bodywork and fiber-reinforced composites. The actuator is mounted on the upper crosshead, enabling component testing in conjunction with the optional T-slotted platform. The machine is also available in an 80 kN version designated HTM 8020.

HTM 160 kN (20 m/s)

The largest machine in the series is the HTM 16020 with a static nominal force of 160 kN. The actuator is mounted on the upper crosshead of the 4-column frame. The base plate includes T-slots. The machine is designed for use in component testing. However, tensile tests on larger-dimensioned specimens or belts are also possible. The maximum tensile force at 20 m/s is 100kN.

Technical overview

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Common Tests

Particular uses for HTM high-speed testing machines include puncture tests and high-speed tensile tests, as well as peel, and shear tests at high speeds. They are ideally suited for the determination of the material behavior under crash loading. Their maximum piston speed of 20 m/s (72 km/h) is faster than the 64 km/h test speed used in the Euro NCAP frontal impact crash test.

High-Speed Tensile Test
to High-Speed Tensile Test
Puncture test on plastics
ISO 6603-2, ISO 7765-2, ASTM D3763
to Puncture test on plastics


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