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Drop Weight Testers for Pellini Tests

  • Metals
Max. energy
  • 1650 joules
Type of test
  • Drop weight test (Pellini)
  • ASTM E208
  • SEP 1325

W.S. Pellini Drop Weight Test

The drop weight test as described by W.S. Pellini (Pellini test) is used to investigate the brittle fracture tendency of steels for comparative evaluation of crack arrest behavior to ASTM E208 and SEP 1325. 

During the Pellini test, weights fall onto a rectangular flexure specimen supported at both ends, causing a brittle fracture on the tensile side of the specimen within a given total deflection. This brittle fracture is initiated by a notched welding bead laid on this side and known as the crack starter.

In this Pellini test it is determined whether the brittle fracture caused by the artificial crack-starter spreads as far as one of the two side faces of the specimen, or is arrested before. If the fracture extends to one of the two side faces, the specimen is considered broken.

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features



  • Modular "building block" system with two sizes
  • Interchangeable flexure inserts and fixtures.
  • Electrical and mechanical test-area safeguards with safety circuit - the test does not begin until all safety switch contacts have been interrogated.
  • Independent pneumatically operated safety interlocking safeguards test area against accidents
  • Touchscreen operation with electronic display of drop height, drop energy, drop weight and impact velocity (theoretically)
  • The steplessly adjustable drop height is automatically achieved after input of drop weight and drop energy
  • No extra foundation required. Floor must be capable of carrying a specific load of 0.3 kg/cm²

Technical Overview

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