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Drop Weight Testers for Tests on Components

Up to 2000 J Download
  • Components testing
Max. energy
  • 2000 joules
Type of test
  • Components
  • Puncture
  • Charpy
  • Izod
  • Impact tensile

Developed in close collaboration with our customers

ZwickRoell has been delivering quality impact testing systems for years. Based on this experience, ZwickRoell has developed a new drop weight tester product series under the name Amsler.

Testing components often places particular demands on a drop weight tester. The impact surface of the component is often not at an exact right angle to the direction of impact, which means the guides must be massive Some components must even be fixed in special grips. If the test is performed at high or low temperatures, the entire test setup must be housed in a temperature chamber.

The Amsler HIT1100/2000F is ideal for this type of testing and, thanks to tooling designed for this purpose, can be used for a wide variety of standardized tests in materials testing.

Helmet Testing with the Amsler HIT1100F Drop Weight Tester

Advantages & Features

High level of flexibility
Individual test tasks


  • Components testing
  • Puncture test on plastics to ISO 6603-2 and ASTM D3763
  • Puncture test on films to ISO 7765-2
  • Accelerated puncture test on plastics in accordance with various automotive standards
  • Charpy test to ISO 179-2
  • Izod test to ISO 180 and ASTM D256

High level of flexibility


  • Mounting platform with T-slots allows flexible mounting of various test arrangements.
  • The drop weight tester can be optionally equipped with an acceleration unit.
  • The modular design enables a wide range of applications:

    • Multiaxial puncture on plates
    • Charpy, IZOD
    • Components testing
    • CAI-testing

Individual test tasks

We are ready to meet your individual test tasks. From helmets to airbag housing to gloves, this drop weight tester provides the flexibility it needs to be the right testing solution for your application.

Technical Overview

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Name Type Size Download
  • Industry brochure: Composites PDF 7 MB
  • Industry brochure: Plastics & Rubber PDF 9 MB
  • Product information: Amsler HIT 1100F and 2000F universal drop weight tester PDF 4 MB

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