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Leading Global Testing Company Uses ZwickRoell Dynstat Impact Testing Equipment to Expand Service Offerings for North American Clients

The Challenge: Expand Impact Testing Capabilities to Include Dynstat Testing

The North American division of a leading quality assurance testing provider offers a diverse array of capabilities for clients across the continent. The division’s testing services allow clients to outsource component and product testing while maintaining world-class quality and meeting a variety of rigorous international testing standards.

These capabilities include a full range of impact testing services, such as Charpy, Izod, and Gardner impact tests. The North American team, however, had not yet implemented Dynstat testing capabilities (an impact testing standard utilized extensively in the European automotive industry but less commonly across the Atlantic).

Leadership sought to expand its impact testing offerings for North American clients. Dynstat testing capabilities would allow for client products to be tested according to EU-based standards without needing to be shipped internationally. With supply chains for automotive and other industries becoming more globally integrated than ever, Dynast testing was becoming an increasingly important test for North American customers. This capability is particularly valuable for both European OEM’s seeking their preferred impact testing standard within the North American market, and American OEM’s manufacturing components for European automakers.

The ideal solution would need to:

  • Fit seamlessly in the existing North American testing facility.
  • Offer high-quality, timely, and reliable Dynstat test results
  • Offer the versatility to accommodate other types of impact testing via different attachments.
  • Be backed by careful calibration and long-term service and support.

The Solution: ZwickRoell Pendulum Impact Testing Equipment Ready for the Dynstat Standard (and More)

After evaluation by client testing experts, ZwickRoell’s HIT pendulum impact testing solution emerged as a strong choice for the North America division’s requirements. This impact testing solution accommodates a variety of different attachments for enhanced versatility, enabling Dynstat testing while retaining the ability to perform other impact tests as well. HIT pendulum impact testers are meticulously engineered to meet a full range of international testing standards. Charpy, Izod, tensile impact method A and B, and Dynstat testing can be easily performed, and users have the ability to quickly switch between these procedures via different attachments.

Additional features of the ZwickRoell pendulum impact tester include quick centering and gripping of specimens, the ability to make fine-grained adjustments to specimen clamping force, and a quick testing procedure employing a pneumatic fixture. Constant, precise clamping force helps ensure high reproducibility.

ZwickRoell engineers worked with client testing experts to deploy the HIT pendulum impact tester onsite at the North American testing facility. This initial implementation included a full calibration and is backed by ongoing support.

The Results: A Broader Range of Impact Testing Service Offerings and Faster Turnaround Times

ZwickRoell’s impact testing equipment now allows the client to meet customer needs for Dynstat testing in North America. Previously, Dynstat was the only international impact testing standard unavailable locally to North American clients—if they required Dynstat testing, specimens would need to be shipped to European or Asian facilities

Now, the organization can accommodate a full range of impact tests on-continent, allowing them to offer clients a more comprehensive range of testing types while improving turnaround time. Even the most expansive testing packages can now be accommodated in house.

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