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Solutions for Universities in Research and Education

The development and application of new materials and technologies over the years has played a significant role in the development of mankind. A considerable number of these innovations are developed in universities and associated institutes. That is why there is an enormous push in research and education worldwide to, on the one hand, increase competitiveness, and on the other hand, address global challenges, such as climate and environmental protection. Some of today's key areas are lightweight materials, intelligent materials, biomaterials, and composites.

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More and more, industries are turning to universities to conduct research, so they can make better use of their relatively expensive infrastructures and close the gap between practice and theory. However, universities must strike a delicate balance between serving independent basic research purposes and providing paid services. This is particularly important for young scientists and engineers who need to obtain comprehensive basic knowledge in a neutral environment. 

ZwickRoell has been supporting these efforts for many years. We are a team of specialists that understands the unique requirements of research universities and institutes. We are always here to support you with technical expertise and creativity—from planning your lab to providing solutions for an intricate test arrangement, or finding a partner for you from our global network. 

ZwickRoell standard components create a flexible building block system that can be used in the simplest machines to the most complex research testing systems. The foundation of our expertise in high-quality solutions for Academia lies in our advanced hardware solutions accompanied by our powerful and flexible software, as well as in our virtual teaching software application that has been specifically designed for instructional use and that meets the various requirements of universities and institutes. Our solutions underscore the tremendous importance of universities in the areas of both education and research. ZwickRoell also offers packages for universities, for example testXpert II All-In-Suite Education or laserXtens and videoXtens offerings, which provide technically optimized test solutions and accommodate your budget. 

teachXpert mobile testing machine
teachXpert is a complete and mobile materials testing machine that is easy to use in classrooms and lecture halls.
to teachXpert mobile testing machine
testXpert Education Module
testXpert II Education Module is an ideal way to supplement classical teaching methods, such as lectures, seminars, or internships.
to testXpert Education Module
Our References in Academia
We assist universities and educational institutions in planning and equipping their training laboratories. From a school laboratory to a training laboratory.
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Solutions for R&D
ZwickRoell offers standardized solutions that have been specifically designed for research and development.
to Solutions for R&D
ISO 14577
Comprehensive mechanical characterization of thin layers or small surface areas
to Nanoindentation
University Partnerships
ZwickRoell partners with various universities to further develop test fixtures and establish new test methods.
to University Partnerships
Academia Day
Over the years, ZwickRoell Academia Day has become an important event where science and industry come together.
to Academia Day
Science Award
Have you published a scientific work in the area of materials testing? ZwickRoell awards this distinction to authors of scientific papers on the most innovative uses of testing machines.
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