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Amsler HDT/Vicat Allround

Heat deflection temperature determination to ISO 75 and ISO 306 Download
Test methods
  • HDT Vicat Creep test
Heat transfer
  • Via heat transfer fluid

Heat deflection temperature determination with the new Amsler HDT/Vicat

The Amsler HDT/Vicat Allround instrument is designed for convenient testing in research and development, goods inwards checks and production monitoring. Depending on the requirement, the instrument can be equipped with two, four or six measuring stations.

Determination of heat deflection temperature (HDT)

  • To ISO 75 Parts 1 to 3, and ASTM D648 on thermoplastics, hard rubber, as well as fiber-reinforced plastics and filled thermosetting plastics.

Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST)

  • To ISO 306 and ASTM D1525 on thermoplastics.

Determination of creep behavior

  • Under flexural load

Determination of heat deflection temperature to ISO 75 & 306

In addition to determination of the heat deflection temperature (HDT), the new Amsler HDT/Vicat is also ideally suited for determination of the Vicat softening temperature (VST) and the determination of creep behavior.

Advantages and features of the heat deflection temperature

Advantages and features of the heat deflection temperature

Accurate, repeatable results
User centered design
Uncompromising safety concept
Ease of maintenance


  • With use of a digital measuring system, high accuracy with standardized calibration can be achieved for the HDT and Vicat.
  • Operation is simple due to the automatic test sequence. The test is started only once. No further interaction is necessary.
  • The safety device, including interlocking, provides maximum operator protection
  • Operation is stand-alone via an integrated capacitive touch display.
  • Upgrade to testXpert III testing software provides powerful functionalities, such as measured value and control graphics, result determination, data storage, and export functions.
  • The weights to be applied are automatically determined and displayed for the operator.
  • Motorized lowering of measuring stations
  • Motorized application of test weights
  • Electronic oil level monitoring

Accurate, repeatable results

  • Integrated Test Execution Guidance helps the operator follow by-the-book test execution.
  • High Precision Displacement Measurement offers an accuracy of +/- 0.002 mm to provide a high level of precision over the entire measurement range. Digital output does not drift over time.
  • Advanced Oil Bath Temperature Control with an advanced temperature control algorithm models the physical properties of the oil bath and guarantees linearity well within specified tolerances. The ZwickRoell variable-speed controlled circulator guarantees uniform oil temperature across all 6 stations.

User centered design

  • Comfortable Specimen Loading allows the operator to keep both hands free to comfortably handle the specimen.
  • Application of weights is quick and easy. A few clicks and the software displays the weight selection to make composition easy. Weights are easily stackable and enable the user to handle them with confidence. For HDT tests, ZR provides weight sets that allow adjust- ments in 1 g increments, exceeding the demands of the most exacting standards. For operator convenience and easy handling, the individual weight for VST is limited to 2.039kg. Specialized standard weights for ISO 75-2 allow installation of only one weight, instead of combining a set of weights. Set-up time is signifi- cantly reduced.
  • A unique design for the HDT support (one support to cater to three different test dimensions— 64, 100 and 101.6 mm) keeps the support itself in the instrument and ready to use at all times.
  • Fully automated test sequences intuitively guide the operator to reduce the risk of human error. All test standards are included and pre-configured. Standard operating procedures are guaranteed.
  • Test set-up is quick and easy via touchscreen in the standalone mode. User experience is enriched through the ability to monitor live curves and easily export data.
  • Designed for Operator Comfort, a large window and red/green indicating lights help ensure the operator’s visual comfort.
  • Effortless Oil Bath Control

    • Automatic Oil Condition Monitoring controls the oil level and degradation.
    • Full access to the oil bath is quick and easy. Within seconds, dropped specimens are removed, without removing the stations.
    • ZwickRoell offers special cages, which prevent the specimen from falling in the oil bath.
    • Easy Oil Change - Smart oil bath design guarantees easy and complete drainage of the oil and avoids contamination of the residue with the new oil filling. Overfill protection avoids contamination of both the instrument and the environment.
    • The instrument incorporates a superior cooling system, rapidly reducing the oil bath temperature and allowing the user to begin the next test with minimal wait time and reduced water consumption cost.

Uncompromising safety concept

The Amsler HDT/Vicat was designed from the ground up with the safety of the operator in mind. Without adequate precautions, oil temperatures of up to 300 °C pose real risks of severe injury to the operator and/or damage to the instrument. The safety features below represent a zero-compromise approach to keeping operators safe while protecting this equipment investment.

  • The fully enclosed Amsler HDT/Vicat Allround 6-300 prevents the operator from getting in contact with moving parts and hot surfaces.
  • A hardwired safety lock prevents the operator from opening the door when the oil temperature is above 55 °C.
  • A redundant system, with 2 overheat protectors for the silicon oil and the heater element, provides maxi- mum safety for the instrument. Both the oil and heater element are controlled independently.
  • Separate ventilation systems for the control cabinet, electric cabinet and heating area assure reliable operating conditions.
  • The pressure relief valve is integrated with the cooling water system to provide maximum safety in case of a blockage in the output of the cooling water system. This fully prevents high steam pressure build-up in the cooling pipes.
  • The Amsler HDT/Vicat complies with the CE standards, as well as with the more stringent UL standards. All safety aspects were extensively tested and verified by TÜV SÜD, an independent and one of Germany’s most renowned certification organizations.

Ease of maintenance

  • The ZwickRoell design provides for easy access to all components of the instrument, reducing downtime for maintenance and service inspection.
  • ZwickRoell guarantees spare parts availability for ten years.

Technical overview

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Determination of the heat deflection temperature and the Vicat softening temperature

Determination of HDT VST

Among others, ISO 306, ASTM D1525, ISO 75, ASTM D648
Determination of heat deflection temperature (HDT) and Vicat softening temperature (VST) to ISO 306, ASTM D1525, ISO 75, ASTM D648
to Determination of HDT VST

HDT and Vicat Testing Instruments

Standard-compliant testing to ISO 75, ISO 306, ASTM D1215 and ASTM D648.
The thermal resistance of plastics in many ranges of application is measured via heat deflection temperature (ISO 75 and ISO 306).
to HDT and Vicat Testing Instruments

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