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ZwickRoell Runs the World

This year again, we will run together for a good cause—August 1, 2024 marks the kickoff for our 8th annual “ZwickRoell Runs the World” challenge.

As always, in addition to ZwickRoell employees and friends, we are excited to invite our customers to participate in this event. No matter what country they are in or whether they are a machine operator or a laboratory manager, everyone is welcome to participate.

The challenge starts on August 1st and ends on September 29th. Our goal is to collectively run, walk, and hike 220,000 km. Every kilometer can be recorded using our ZwickRoell Web app (Web app instructions).

Finally, and most importantly: If we reach our goal, ZwickRoell will donate € 110,000 to a good cause. Employees and customers can make suggestions for activities/organizations. There is just one condition: the employee or customer must be actively involved in the activity/organization.

We hope to have many participants so that we reach 220,000 km.


What is the ZwickRoell Runs the World project about?
How much money will ZwickRoell donate?
To which charitable organizations will ZwickRoell donate money?
When does the run take place?
Who can participate in the ZwickRoell Runs the World charity run?
How do I record my kilometers run?

What is the ZwickRoell Runs the World project about?

  • ZwickRoell employees from all around the world run 60 days for a good cause.
  • The total distance to be covered in the 60 days is 220,000 km.
  • If we succeed in running 220,000 km in 60 days, ZwickRoell donates € 110,000 to charitable organizations.

How much money will ZwickRoell donate?

If we reach the 220,000 km mark, ZwickRoell will donate €110,000 to various charitable organizations. Should our employees not be able to complete the full distance, no money will be donated.

To which charitable organizations will ZwickRoell donate money?

This year the full amount will be donated to organizations around the world, which are selected and personally supported by our employees and customers. The charities will be chosen once the project has been completed.

When does the run take place?

  • Start: Thursday, August 01, 2024
  • Finish: Sunday, September 29, 2024

Who can participate in the ZwickRoell Runs the World charity run?

Participation is open to customers and all ZwickRoell employees from our ZwickRoell headquarters in Germany, as well as from our worldwide subsidiaries and sales and service partners.

How do I record my kilometers run?

The ZwickRoell app to record your kilometers can be found here:
Instructions on how to use the app can be found here.

Running challenge record results: ZwickRoell donates 100,000 euros

We completed our 7th annual ZwickRoell Runs the World challenge with a record number of participants, kilometers covered and money donated. The goal to collect 200,000 kilometers in 60 days—whether by hiking or jogging—was achieved. Thanks to a total of 209,064 kilometers achieved, testing machine manufacturer ZwickRoell is now donating 100,000 euros to charitable organizations and initiatives worldwide. The kilometer target for 2024 has also been announced.

“We did it once again! I'm thrilled about the number of new customers and employees who participated in our running challenge this year. We shed a lot of sweat and maybe even a pound here and there. But ultimately, we are excited that we will be supporting many great social projects and institutions all over the world with the 100,000 euros we raised,” said Klaus Cierocki, CEO at ZwickRoell SE, who as an avid runner, also contributed close to 320 kilometers to the overall result.

Top participant reaches 2279 kilometers

A total of 209,064 kilometers were covered starting with the ZwickRoell Runs the World challenge kickoff on August 3rd, and ending after 60 days at the start of the Ulm Einstein Marathon last Sunday, October 1st. With 1190 participants (previous year: 1050) from 45 countries (previous year: 39), we also set a new participation record. The top runner covered 2279 kilometers. Especially exciting for us: “Several hundred ZwickRoell customers and partners, along with their families, registered, entered their individual kilometer counts in the associated app, and largely contributed to the result and success of our seventh annual running challenge,” said Cierocki.

ZwickRoell Runs the World: more than a quarter million euros donated

Since the beginning of our ZwickRoell Runs the World running challenge in 2017, the company has donated a total of 374,000 euros to charitable causes. In the past, donations have gone to initiatives and institutions worldwide that support and promote disadvantaged children, animal welfare and environmental protection. Management has also announced the kilometer target for the coming year—and set the bar even higher: in 2024, we’re aiming for a collective 220,000 kilometers and a new donation amount of 110,000 euros.

About the initiative:
As part of the running challenge, the athletes enter their number of completed kilometers or miles in an app. They can also submit suggestions for social causes and charitable initiatives, which will receive a cash donation if the specified kilometer target is reached. The only condition: the person submitting the suggestion must be personally involved with that organization. Running challenge participants include employees and their families, as well as ZwickRoell customers and partners from all over the world.