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Testing of metals

Metals are, and will remain, important construction materials worldwide. A high percentage of steel materials can be recycled many times over and are therefore considered sustainable. Understanding their material characteristics is essential for design engineers and people who use these materials. Material characteristics are obtained from mechanical-technological materials testing, whereby materials testing machines load the materials until they fail. Testing machines from the ZwickRoell Group ensure reproducible and reliable test results based on internationally standardized test methods.

Metal standards
ASTM and ISO standards for materials testing on metals, including ISO 6892-1 / ASTM E8, ISO 6892-2 / ASTM E21, ISO 148-1 / ASTM E399, hardness testing standards, and more,
Here you will find an overview of the most important test standards in the metals industry. Learn more from our industry experts about the test objectives and respective requirements for testing systems to ensure standard compliant performance.
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Heavy plate
ZwickRoell offers materials testing machines for a variety of tests on heavy plates. These include tensile tests, flexure tests, and hardness tests.
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Sheet metals and strips
Sheet metal testing with ZwickRoell: ZwickRoell offers testing systems for tensile tests, flexure tests, and hardness testing— from manual systems to fully automated systems.
to Sheet metals and strips
Thin sheet
From tensile tests to sheet metal testing and hardness testing— ZwickRoell offers a wide range of materials testing machines for testing thin sheet and strips.
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Bars and rods
From tensile testing and hardness testing to fatigue testing— ZwickRoell offers the right products for testing metal bars and rods
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Wires and cables
ZwickRoell offers and extensive range of products for tensile testing on wires and cables
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Castings and forgings
ZwickRoell offers testing machines for tensile tests, torsion tests, and fatigue tests on castings and forgings
to Castings and forgings
ZwickRoell offers a wide range of solutions for weld seam tests or testing of riveted joints.
to Fasteners
ZwickRoell offers numerous testing machines specifically designed for the testing of pipes.
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