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Engines and Drives

Drive assemblies are the focus of development efforts to provide efficient mobility with reduced emissions. Downsizing plays a large role in achieving the demanding worldwide regulatory goals. On the one hand engines are becoming smaller and lighter, but on the other hand they are also becoming more elaborate and complex due to additional engine features such as supercharging, operating parameter optimization, and also hybridization presenting challenges to the composite materials used. Testing technology from ZwickRoell delivers reliable test results for supporting this development process.

Engine components
ZwickRoell offers numerous testing solutions for engine development that use real conditions for testing new materials and applying higher loads.
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Engine-related components
Due to their locations, these elements are subject to strong thermal loads and vibrations, making realistic tests essential.
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Drive Train
Tests on couplers, drive shafts, and gears ZwickRoell provides ideal testing solutions for numerous drive train applications.
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Alternative Drives
Today, everyone is talking about alternative drives in the automotive industry. New drive technology also means new testing applications. ZwickRoell offers ideal solutions for these applications.
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