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testXpert Analytics

The testing software offers centralized access to all test and machine data

The new testXpert Analytics analysis platform provides centralized access to all test and machine data. The data is easily made available and always up to date via a web browser.

Test Data Management Trend Analysis Fatigue Data EvaluationCondition Monitoring

Test Data Management: all your test data at a glance

Test Data Management provides you easy and secure access to all your test data and results for longterm and reliable transparency.

All your test data is saved in a database. With user-specific filters, you can efficiently create individualized test reports for internal and external quality control and documentation purposes, ultimately saving valuable time and increasing repeatability. Test Data Management allows you to quickly implement quality control processes and analyze any quality deviations at a glance.

Simple and flexible access to all test data

Test Data Management provides:

  • Comprehensive analyses, representations and reports
  • Simple export of all test data and longterm analysis
  • Intuitive operation
  • Intelligent search criteria allow you to quickly search and find your test data
  • Centralized and convenient access to all test data via a standard browser
  • Simple setup of a comprehensive test report
  • Access possible from every PC in the company network
  • All test and machine data is accessible, regardless of testXpert version

It works like this: click on the browser and all testing machine and testing instrument data relevant to your test is displayed. Test Data Management not only offers comprehensive analyses, it also displays and logs test data that can be exported to formats such as Excel and PDF. Various tabular, statistical and graphical displays facilitate the selection of different test types and data.

Trend Analysis: statistical longterm evaluation

The Trend Analysis feature provides simple longterm evaluation of your test data, enabling you to quickly detect any deviations in your processes and avoid waste or complaints.

Trend Analysis is a simple statistical process control (SPC) chart for early detection of deviations in your quality requirements. This allows you to optimize your processes in a timely manner, avoid waste and save costs.

In the case of batch testing, you can release these with a quick look at Trend Analysis an save valuable time.

Through simple longterm display of your quality criteria in Trend Analysis, you can reduce your testing efforts while maintaining the same level of quality or quickly evaluate different suppliers.

Fatigue Data Evaluation: S-N curves by click

Fatigue Data Evaluation calculates S-N curves based on previously generated test results. This immediately provides the characteristic curve in the desired format. There is no need for you to create in-house Excel or Matlab calculation templates.

The test data generated with testXpert R is seamlessly transferred and integrated in the evaluation, and therefore does not have to be prepared separately. testXpert delivers the test data in the exact format required by the Fatigue Data Evaluation solution.

The test results on which the calculation of the S-N curve is based are visible to you in parallel to the curve and you can select them using the filter and selection functions.

One specific application for Fatigue Data Evaluation is the threaded fastener test to ISO 3800. For additional applications, please feel free to contact us.

Condition Monitoring: all of your machine data at a glance

Condition Monitoring stores all machine-specific data in a local database on the machine PC. The data can be called up via the machine dashboard or via web browser.

The dashboard displays important messages and information about

  • the current machine status (total running time, number of tests, average test time, time period until next calibration, number of sensor overload conditions and much more),
  • current maintenance notifications (such as regular scheduled service and maintenance tasks), and
  • the currently connected sensors and accessories (such as load cells, extensometers, specimen grips, safety device, and much more).

This information provides a high level of transparency about the testing machine and the accessories used. You have an overview of all of the testing machines in your lab, and critical or upcoming events are signaled.

Advantages of Conditioning Monitoring

  • Customizable maintenance tasks
  • Trends provide an overview of the usage behavior and stresses and show irregularities
  • Proactive information about the machine condition via email
  • Documentation and traceability of machine activity as well as maintenance checklists via the export function


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  • Product Information: Test Data Management PDF 301 KB
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  • Product Information: Condition Monitoring PDF 438 KB

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