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Thermoplastics and thermosetting molding materials

  • A key aspect of the characterization of molding materials is the inter-laboratory reproducibility of test results.
  • Specimen production, specimen shapes, and test sequences are all specified in detail,
  • with rigorous demands on both repeatability and traceability.
  • In quality control, the basic standard of evaluation is the change in measured values over a period of time.
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Important tests in the characterization of molding materials

Tensile Test

ISO 527-1, ISO 527-2, ASTM D638
Tensile test on plastic molding compounds: ISO 527-1/-2 and ASTM D638: Tensile stress, strain, tensile modulus, yield point, point of break, Poisson's ratio Find out everything regarding the purpose of the test and the required product portfolio.
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Impact tests

Among others, ISO 179, ASTM D6110, ISO 180, ASTM D256
Here you will find, among other things, information on Charpy test (ISO 179-1), instrumented Charpy test (ISO 179-2), Izod test (ISO 180), tensile impact test (ISO 8256), puncture test (ISO 6603-2).
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3-Point Flexure Tests

ISO 178
The 3-point flexure tests described in ISO 178 and ASTM D790, demonstrate classic characterization methods for rigid and semi-rigid plastics. Typical test results include the flexural modulus, stress at 3.5% elongation, stresses and elongations at the yield point and at specimen break.
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