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More Than 25 Years Old, Like New Again – Modernization of an Instron® 4482 Materials Testing Machine

Tubus Bauer is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of thermoplastic honeycombs. Applications for tubular honeycombs include the aerospace, automotive and architecture industries. For safe and reliable test results, ZwickRoell modernized, and thereby future-proofed, a 1996 Instron® 4482 materials testing machine. In addition, an important contribution was made in terms of sustainability and environmental protection by saving valuable new resources and in this case, a solid two tons of CO2.

Tubus Bauer uses high-performance polymers, which provide a substantial amount of flexibility in manufacturing customized products. One of the company’s key strengths is finding the right materials in cooperation with the customer and developing tailor-made products. To establish these particular characteristics and specify the corresponding product, the company must perform materials tests, for example, to test customer compressive strength specifications. To ensure that the material consistently meets the customer’s requirements, specimens are randomly tested throughout the ongoing production process to determine compressive strength and shear strength.

Experience in the field of modernizations and materials and components testing

“Made in Germany” quality, the experience of our contact personnel, as well as the fact that ZwickRoell has completed more than 6000 modernization projects, convinced Tubus Bauer. Stefan Böhler with Tubus Bauer was immediately impressed during his visit to the ZwickRoell Materials and Components Testing Laboratory in Ulm. Here, we use the latest laboratory equipment to demonstrate our general test practices and perform contract testing.
Ulm is an impressive facility with outstanding production processes, he concluded enthusiastically.

Modern and future-proof technology

The modernized Instron® 4482 now meets the highest level of safety requirements with the latest future-proof technology. In addition to installing an energy-efficient motor with improved control and positioning, the measurement and control electronics were replaced, optimizing the efficiency of the testing system. The testXpert III intelligent testing software more than met Tubus Bauer’s request for an up-to-date and intuitive software program.

By the way: Even for machines from other manufacturers, ZwickRoell takes on full responsibility for spare parts replacements and retrofits after the modernization. This also includes hotline support for any questions that may arise during daily testing routines.

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