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Instron® Testing Machines

Manufacturer-independent modernization Download
  • Instron®
Test load
  • 0,5 to 1200 kN
Included services
  • New measurement and control technology
  • New drive technology
  • Latest testing software
  • Up-to-date accessories portfolio
Location of supply of services
  • At ZwickRoell in Ulm
  • On-site at your facility

Modernizing older Instron® testing machines with ZwickRoell

ZwickRoell modernizes older testing machines, regardless of manufacturer, and restores them to state-of-the-art condition.

With the implementation of our RetroLine modernization packages, use of your older testing machine becomes future-proof, spare parts availability is ensured for at least 10 years, compatibility with the latest Windows operating systems is maintained, and with our extensive accessories portfolio your machine can be retrofitted for every new test task you encounter.

In general, a modernization includes an update of the measurement and control electronics, the drive system and the testing software.

Modernization of an older Instron® testing machine with ZwickRoell

Modernizing an older, static Instron® materials testing machine with testControl II measurement and control electronics.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Years of experience
Long-term reliable service
Innovative testControl II Machine Electronics
testXpert III testing software
Additional Advantages & Features

Years of experience

ZwickRoell has over 20 years experience in modernizing materials testing machines. In recent years, more than 6,000 older testing machines were modernized and updated with state-of-the-art technology. Approximately 1,400 of those testing machines were not ZwickRoell machines, but rather testing machines from companies including Instron®, Schenck-Trebel, Hegewald & Peschke, Shimadzu and many more.

Long-term reliable service

  • Rapid assistance via Hotline and in the event of repairs
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability for at least 10 years
  • Compliance with new standards through up-to-date testing technology
  • Implementation of the latest Windows operating systems, such as Windows 10, for optimal integration in your IT environment
Instron materials testing machine modernization with testControl II

Innovative testControl II Machine Electronics

The use of testControl II measurement and control electronics ensures compliance with the most demanding safety requirements. All ZwickRoell materials testing machines are equipped with the powerful testControl II measurement and control electronics, offering the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results. The electronics are mounted vertically on the side of the load frame.

More information on testControl II

Instron materials testing machine modernization with testXpert III

testXpert III testing software

In a modernization, we implement our testXpert intelligent testing software. testXpert is the result of close cooperation with software users in the materials testing industry and the experience of over 45,000 successful testXpert installations. From the very start, testXpert's workflow, which is based on your specific lab processes, guides you step by step through your test. Get to know testXpert and experience how easy it is to use.

More information on testXpert

Additional Advantages & Features

  • Warranty for newly installed components is the same as with new machines
  • Enables validation of the testing machine in accordance with the latest quality standards
  • Re-use of expensive components such as extensometer and specimen grips
  • Conversion and re-calibration of existing load cells

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