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A Green Footprint for Your Testing Lab – Modernization of Testing Machines Reduces CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions reduction and sustainability are two major topics of our time. With a testing machine modernization we are able to make a significant contribution to both.

The construction of materials testing machines is very robust and in some cases, they must sustain test loads of several hundred kN. The main components of the test frame are therefore steel and aluminum.
The test frame of a 100 kN universal testing machine, for example, consists of approximately 300 kg steel and just under 100 kg aluminum, the production of which generates around 2.2 tons of CO2. These 2.2 tons of CO2 can be saved with a modernization, since the test frame is reused.

By modernizing your testing machine, it is once again sustainable and equipped for future developments.

Potential emissions savings

Modernized load frame Aluminum component, approx. Steel component, approx. Total CO2 savings
zwickiLine 20 kg 40 kg 0.4 tons
Table-top testing machine up to 30 kN 30 kg 100 kg 1.9 tons
Table-top testing machine 50 to 100 kN 100 kg 310 kg 2.2 tons
Floor-standing testing machine >100 kN 100 kg 1,360 kg 4.3 tons

In 2021, approximately 1,000 tons of CO2 were saved through testing machine modernizations.

Re-using test tools and specimen grips

High-cost components such as specimen grips, test tools and extensometers can be re-used after a modernization. Load cells are retrofitted and re-calibrated.

Therefore, even accessories provide an opportunity for significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

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