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Drop Weight Testers for Tests on Plastics

Up to 650 J Download
  • Plastics - materials testing
Max. energy
  • 650 joules
Type of test
  • Puncture
  • Charpy
  • Izod
  • Impact tensile

Developed in close collaboration with our customers

ZwickRoell has been delivering quality impact testing systems for years. Based on this experience, ZwickRoell has developed a new drop weight tester product series under the name Amsler.

Plastics become brittle under load at high speeds and low temperatures. Therefore, the temperature response of plastics and their strength dependence on loading rate are investigated.

The Amsler HIT230F and HIT600F drop weight testers, specifically designed for impact tests on plastics, feature excellent test area accessibility allowing for easy insertion of temperature-conditioned specimens, ultimately ensuring a high efficiency rate.

  • Amsler HIT600F: The universal drop weight tester for materials testing
  • Amsler HIT230F and Amsler HIT230F CAI: The small drop weight tester for puncture tests

Amsler HIT Drop Weight Testers

Amsler HIT600F Range of Applications
Amsler HIT230F Range of Applications
HIT230F CAI Range of Applications
Reliable test results
Ergonomics & efficiency
Testing of temperature-conditioned specimens
Intuitive and workflow oriented touch operation

Amsler HIT600F Range of Applications

  • Puncture test on plastics to ISO 6603-2 and ASTM D3763
  • Accelerated puncture test on plastics in accordance with various automotive standards
  • Puncture test on films to ISO 7765-2
  • Pre-damaging of fiber-reinforced composites (CAI) to ASTM D7136, DIN EN 6038 and AITM 1.0010, Boeing BSS 7260, SACMA SRM 2R-94, DIN 65561
  • Charpy and Izod impact tests to ISO 179-2, ASTM D6110 and in accordance with ISO 180 and ASTM D256

Amsler HIT230F Range of Applications

The Amsler HIT230F is ideally equipped for multiaxial impact puncture tests on plastics. The range of application includes material characterization using standard specimens in accordance with established research and development and quality assurance standards.

  • Multiaxial puncture test to ISO 6603-2, ASTM D3763, at ambient temperature and in extended temperature range

HIT230F CAI Range of Applications

The Amsler HIT230F is ideal for pre-damaging composites plates for the CAI (compression after impact) test used widely in the aerospace industry.

  • Pre-damaging of fiber-reinforced composites test plates for the compression after impact (CAI) test to Airbus AITM 1-0010, Boeing 7260, ISO 18352, DIN 65561, ASTM D7136, DIN EN 6038

Reliable test results

Reliable test results

  • High natural frequency allows for accurate test results.
  • High data acquisition rate of 4MHz for all measurement channels ensures measuring graphs at the best resolution.
  • Large transient memory enables measurement values to be saved in full resolution for brittle and ductile materials.

Ergonomics & efficiency

Ergonomics & efficiency

  • Excellent test area accessibility, enabling rapid completion of test series.
  • Easy, manual feeding of cooled specimens without installation of a temperature chamber.
  • No need to manually open safety devices in the test area.
  • Automatic series mode in testXpert III allows for series testing without operator interaction between individual specimens.
  • Automatic lubrication of the impactor.

Testing of temperature-conditioned specimens

At low temperatures impact strength is a critical characteristic value of the material used. For cooling of the specimens, ZwickRoell offers a temperature conditioning box for the Amsler HIT230F and Amsler HIT600F.

For testing at low temperatures the specimens are first conditioned in this temperature conditioning box.

The specimens are then placed one after the other directly from the temperature conditioning box into the drop weight tester and tested within a time period of 5 sec. (per specimen).

This method is significantly faster when compared to the installation of a temperature chamber. The temperature conditioning box can also be easily moved and used to cool other specimens.

Intuitive and workflow oriented touch operation

Intuitive and workflow oriented touch operation

  • All test-related settings are grouped logically and are separated from higher-level system settings. The operator is guided through test configuration step by step.
  • Optimal coordination of testing and evaluations between drop weight tester and software.
  • Display of measuring graphs on the instrument to allow for direct and timesaving selection of the type of damage.

Technical Overview

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