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High-Energy Drop Weight Testers from 20,000 J

  • Metals
Max. energy
  • 100,000 joules
Type of test
  • Drop weight test
  • API-RP 5L3
  • DIN EN 10274
  • ASTM E436

High-energy drop weight tests

ZwickRoell DWT high-energy drop weight testers are used for testing and evaluating fracture surfaces of ferritic steels. The test method is described as a drop weight test in the following standards: API-RP 5L3, DIN EN 10274 and ASTM E436.

Specimens from the pipe wall of large oil and gas pipelines are subjected to the drop weight test to API 5L. The specimens with a height equal to the original wall thickness and widths of several centimeters are subjected to abrupt loading via a vertically falling weight with a tup. The energy (weight and release height) is set so that the specimen breaks and the fracture surface can be assessed visually.

High-energy drop weight tester 120,000 J

Testing steel specimens to ASTM E436-71T, API RP L3 and DIN EN 10274

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features



  • During the test, weights fall on a specimen supported at both ends and break it. The specimen is provided with a cold-pressed notch, which is the point at which the specimen breaks under the impact.
  • The DWT (drop weight testers) are available in the following versions: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 KJ.
  • The standard maximum drop height for all versions is 5 m. DWT 20 - 40 are alternatively available with a maximum drop height of 2.5 m.
  • The test tools are fitted outside the test area.
  • The specimens are fed pneumatically within 10 seconds and meet ASTM E436 requirements.



  • Modular "building block" system with six sizes and two drop-heights.
  • Pneumatic specimen feed and fixture loading outside the test area guarantees fast, reliable feeding within the time required by the standard.
  • Quick-change system for anvils.
  • Flexure table with integrated centering unit. Different specimen thicknesses can be set quickly and easily.
  • Electrical and mechanical test-area safeguards with safety circuit - the test does not begin until all safety switch contacts have been interrogated.
  • Electronically monitored, pneumatically operated safety interlocking to guard the test area against accidents.
  • Touchscreen operation with electronic display of drop height, drop energy, drop weight and impact velocity.
  • The steplessly adjustable drop height is automatically achieved after input of drop weight and drop energy.
  • The drop weight is divided into individual weights to allow adjustment of drop energy. The weight is measured electronically, eliminating input errors.
  • Four high-performance reservoir-type shock absorbers for safe, reliable drop-weight arrest.
  • Controlled low-temperature cooler for accurately maintained specimen temperature.
  • Plan view of foundation included in delivery.
  • The connecting plate, anchor bolts and grout included in delivery can be supplied in advance if required.

Technical Overview

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