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Successful Digitalization of Materials Testing at the Vocational Schools Donaueschingen with ZwickRoell

The Vocational Schools Donaueschingen train specialists, technicians and educators from all over Baden-Württemberg, Germany in the field of plastics technology. As part of a digitalization initiative, ZwickRoell’s testing laboratory machinery, some of which had existed for decades, was replaced with new materials testing machines and testing software. With this update, the latest safety standards and valid test standards are met and digitalization skills of all students in the field of materials testing are promoted.

Teaching digitalization skills in materials testing

As a nationwide center for vocational training, continuing education and educator training in the field of plastics technology, it is essential to familiarize specialists, technicians and teachers with fundamental areas of materials testing on plastics. Thereby, the focus is increasingly on the digitalization skills of learners for operation and control of all materials testing machines.

New testing systems replace old instruments

Therefore it was time to replace old, in some cases analog and no longer standard-compliant testing instruments with up-to-date testing machines. Since only the ZwickRoell range of products covers the entire testing range for destructive plastics testing, the choice was again for the long-standing partner.

Extensive possibilities in materials testing for education and research

With the ProLine 10 kN universal testing machine, the Mflow extrusion plastometer, and the HIT5P pendulum impact tester, the Vocational Schools continue to have access to extensive testing possibilities in the areas of education and research. In addition, a fine strain extensometer already in use for Young's modulus determination was overhauled. Existing test fixtures for 3-point flexure tests, compression tests, as well as all specimen grips for tensile tests can continue to be used on the new testing machines without the need for adaptations. For years, two ZwickRoell hardness testers have completed the school’s machinery.

testXpert III testing software serves as the digital link

In the digital network, all materials testing machines can be operated uniformly with the testXpert III testing software. Consequently, students, trainees, and educators only have to familiarize themselves with the testing software once and can then quickly perform different tests intuitively and workflow based. All test results can be stored and processed digitally, which makes the exchange of data between students much easier.

Ideally equipped for Industry 4.0 with ZwickRoell

The new materials testing machines with their extensive digital possibilities are coming in at exactly the right time and fit seamlessly into the school’s existing Industry 4.0 machine environment. “For continuous usage, they feature robust technology, a high level of reliability, simple operation and reproducible results. We look forward to continue being at the forefront with ZwickRoell into the future,” was the conclusion of Bernhard Hör, Senior Technical Instructor and Laboratory Manager for Plastics Testing at the Vocational Schools Donaueschingen. In addition, ZwickRoell serves as a contact partner for the testing personnel to provide expert advice if necessary, which is also much appreciated by the those responsible at the school.

The Vocational Schools Donaueschingen rely on ZwickRoell materials testing machines