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Dynamic Testing of Conveyor Chains: KettenWulf Relies on Testing Machines from ZwickRoell

With more than 1,400 employees, KettenWulf is one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. KettenWulf’s high-quality products are used for applications in a wide range of industries, including bulk material handling, machine and plant engineering and automotive. In the areas of quality control and development, the company relies on ZwickRoell.

Determination of the finite life fatigue strength and high cycle fatigue strength

High flow rates of materials with temperatures up to 700 °C, axial distances of up to 250 meters, complex line layouts, and overcoming high lifting heights and conveying capacities of over 1,000 m³/h are some of the main challenges in the bulk material handling industry. The transport of bulk materials with special chains ranks among the most efficient solutions. For quality control and ongoing development of these conveyor chains, KettenWulf relies on testing technology from ZwickRoell.

In addition to their breaking strength and wear resistance, the properties of drive chains and conveyor chains are especially tested and optimized in the finite life fatigue and high cycle fatigue ranges. ZwickRoell vibrophores provide a particularly economical testing solution. Regardless of specimen gripping, tests in environmental chambers and liquid media, such as oils or corrosive media, are also possible. The specific test conditions, test forces and number of load changes are specified by international standards or project-related requirements.

For R&D and quality control purposes, KettenWulf uses ZwickRoell vibrophores with Fmax 100 kN, Fmax 150 kN and Fmax 1,000 kN.

Products for dynamic testing of conveyor chains