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laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ

The high-temperature specialist for all specimens Download
Max. measurement range
  • 60 mm
Temperature range
  • Ambient temperature
  • High temperature up to 2,000°C
Type of test + change in width
  • Tensile, compression, flexure tests
  • Change in width
  • Strain distribution
  • Test re-run
  • 2D dot matrix
  • Metals
  • Refractory materials
  • Ceramics
  • Graphite

The optical extensometer for all specimens and high temperatures up to +2,000°C

The laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ measures deformations on different materials in various environmental conditions, without making contact. The measurement principle eliminates the need to apply gauge marks.

The laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ is ideal for the deformation measurement of specimens with gauge lengths from 1.5 to 120 mm in accuracy class 0.5 to EN ISO 9513 in a wide range of applications. This extensometer can be used in the same way as the laserXtens 1-32 HP/TZ for any environmental condition, but it has a larger measurement range.

  • Tensile, compression and flexure testing
  • Tests on specimens for which specimen contact is undesirable or not possible due to specimen condition or properties
  • Deformation measurements on specimens that would damage a contact measuring system due to their high break energy
  • An extensometer for any environmental condition
  • Testing at ambient temperature
  • Testing in temperature chambers
  • Testing at high temperature
    - Furnaces up to 1,600 °C
    - Induction up to 1,600 °C
    - Vacuum up 2,000 °C

Advantages & features

Simple operation
Prominent functions
High accuracy
Automatic centering
Testing without specimen marking
Use at high temperatures
Compensation for lateral specimen movements

Simple operation

  • Tamper-proof: The enclosures of the complete systems are sealed with screw locking varnish; nothing can be adjusted on the lenses. This is an important requirement for reliable test results.
  • Easy and fast height adjustment of the extensometer for simple alignment to the specimen: Through the connection to the crosshead, the laserXtens is aligned centrally to the gauge marks.
  • Compensation of various specimen thicknesses and testing of shear specimens.
  • Wear-free system, and as a result also low-maintenance. The systems have an extremely long service life.

Prominent functions

  • The laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ can be used for testing to ISO 6892-2 (high-temperature) and ISO 6892-1 (ambient temperature).
  • Strain-rate controlled tests to ISO 6892-2 Method A1 (closed loop) are possible using the laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ. Since high-temperature materials sometimes display nonlinear strain increase, ZwickRoell recommends that you perform pre-tests.
  • Measurement of the change in width and deflection without additional markings and without required hardware expansion is possible as a software option.

High accuracy

  • ZwickRoell extensometers exceed the requirements of the standards and are calibrated over the entire measurement range to ISO 9513, in accuracy class 0.5.
  • Industrial-quality cameras and telecentric, low-distortion lenses.
  • In contrast to contact-type extensometers, the laserXtens HP/TZ can measure strain on short specimens (gauge lengths from 1.5 mm) with high accuracy.
  • laserXtens HP/TZ is mounted using low-vibration, stable holders.
  • Housing provides protection against dirt and dust and inadvertent misalignment of the components.
  • Exact synchronization of all measurement channels.

Automatic centering

Our automatic centering increases measurement travel and measuring accuracy.

  • laserXtens HP/TZ tracks at half crosshead speed via the connection to the crosshead, keeping the testing operation automatically in focus and making optimum use of the measuring range.
  • This results in increased system accuracy, as the gauge marks shift less in the image and are captured in the center of the lens.

Testing without specimen marking

Testing without specimen marks

  • laserXtens' unique technology eliminates the need for specimen marking.
  • Significant time and cost savings, particularly with high specimen throughput.
  • The advantages are especially apparent with options covering multiple measuring points or entire specimen surfaces.
  • Easy to use in temperature chambers, where environmental conditions can make gauge mark application really difficult.
  • Ideal for automated systems - no manual specimen preparation required.

Use at high temperatures

  • Green laser light sources and corresponding filters minimize the influence of glowing specimens at high temperatures, and achieve continuous high-quality contrast ratios, also in case of varying environmental conditions.
  • For tests in combination with temperature chambers, high-temperature furnaces and vacuum chambers the laserXtens HP/TZ is equipped with an adjustable tunnel. This tunnel minimizes interfering factors such as air currents and changing lighting conditions between the camera and specimen.
  • For protection against the high temperatures, the laserXtens HP/TZ is separated from the heating systems by a glass window.

Compensation for lateral specimen movements

Telecentric lenses make the laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ resistant to distance changes between the lens and specimen. Load strings are used with temperature chambers and high-temperature furnaces to apply force on the specimen. If these load strings are not accurately aligned, or if they are self-aligning (spherically seated), alignment movements occur at the beginning of the test, in which the distance of the specimen to the lens changes. With ordinary lenses these movements lead to incorrect measurements. The telecentric lenses of the laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ compensate for these lateral specimen movements and minimize measurement error.

Technical overview

  • In AllroundLine testing machines, the laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ can be connected to the crosshead and tracked at half test speed.
  • For retrofitting purposes on existing machines from other manufacturers, the laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ is also available in stand-alone version.

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