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laserXtens 7-220 HP

A full view of the entire specimen Download
Max. measurement range
  • 210 mm
Temperature range
  • Ambient temperature
  • Up to 250°C
Type of test + change in width
  • Tensile, compression, flexure tests
  • Cyclic tests
  • Change in width measurement
  • Strain distribution
  • Test re-run
  • 2D dot matrix
  • Metals

Non-contact and without gauge marks

The laserXtens 7-220 HP provides high-accuracy, non-contact measurement without the need for gauge marks for tensile, compression and flexure testing on metals. Due to the patented laserXtens array technology it has a wide measurement range and full view of the entire specimen, which allows for the collection of much more information from the specimen than the elongation between two gauge marks.

  • The laserXtens does not require specimen markings, which provides significant cost and time savings, especially in the case of high specimen throughput.
  • The patented laserXtens array technology is unique. It allows the laserXtens 7-220 HP to measure in a wide measurement range with high accuracy. In addition, the extensometer has full view of the entire specimen, which allows for the collection of even more information from the specimen. For example, the setting of up to 100 measuring points on the specimen or the automatic determination of the break point, which prevents breaks outside the L0 and considerably minimizes specimen waste.

Extension measurement with the non-contact laserXtens extensometer

Ideally suited for tensile tests, compression tests and flexure tests on metals, plastics and components ambient temperature or under temperature conditions.

Application & function

Application & function

Function description
Application example ISO 6892-1


Extensometers from the laserXtens systems series measure without contact and with the highest level of accuracy. The measuring principle eliminates the need to apply gauge marks. This allows the laserXtens systems to be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Tensile, flexure and compression testing preferably on metals or other materials that disperse the laser light on the surface.
  • Testing on contact-sensitive specimens or specimens with high fracture energy.
  • Highly accurate testing in temperature chambers and high-temperature testing
  • Applications in which more than two measuring points are used, e.g. biaxial deformation measurements or strain distribution.
  • Measurements on small specimen geometries or components.

Due to its flexibility and easy handling the laserXtens is ideal for applications in the field of quality assurance, as well as in research and development.

Function description

The laserXtens 7-220 HP extensometer features seven fixed high-resolution cameras and five laser light sources. The overlapping fields of view of the seven cameras are pooled into one large picture. Both virtual gauge marks are also tracked here during the loading process (speckle tracking). If a gauge mark reaches the edge of a camera’s field of view, it will be transferred to the field of view of the adjacent camera. This method results in a large measurement range with high resolution.

Application example ISO 6892-1

Specific advantages in the application:

  • Strain-rate controlled tests to ISO 6892-1 Method A1 (closed loop) (for gauge lengths ≥ 30 mm).
  • Determination of strain at break, including specimens with high fracture energy - no damage due to hard impacts at break.
  • No specimen marking required, therefore significant time saving.
  • No specimen is wasted due to breaks outside L0: the strain distribution option automatically sets L0 around the area of highest strain and the break location.
  • Transverse strain camera hardware option: determination of change in width and r-value to ISO 10113.
  • Width measurement always centered: the extensometer tracks via connection to the crosshead. This results in a larger measuring range and the system is automatically positioned centrally to the gauge length at all times.
  • High-accuracy testing in the ZwickRoell temperature chamber: temperature control and air distribution in the temperature chamber are optimized so that the laserXtens resolution is only minimally affected, even at temperature.
  • 2D dot matrix option: measurements over the entire specimen, at different measuring points.
  • The laserXtens 7-220 HP has no moving parts and is completely wear-free.
  • Patented array technology.
  • Resistant to environmental influences (e.g. air currents); the flexible tunnel minimizes signal interference.

Technical overview

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