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HC series servohydraulic testing machine

Table-Top Model, Actuator in the Upper Crosshead Download
  • Components
  • Metals
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Academia
  • Construction materials
Test load
  • 10 kN - 25 kN
Type of test
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics
  • ISO 12106
  • ASTM E606
  • DIN 50100
  • ASTM E399
  • ASTM E647
  • ASTM E466

The small testing machine for fatigue tests

While the HA and HB models are floor-standing, allowing equipment assembly at an optimum operating height, the HC models from 10 to 25 kN are table-top models. They can be positioned on a workbench, for example. A concrete base can optionally be supplied as a support. With all HC models the actuator is positioned above the test area, which is equipped with a T-slotted platform.

The test frame features extremely high stiffness, resulting in natural resonance. To avoid unwanted flexural stresses in the specimen the load frames are accurately aligned.

The final element in our dynamic testing product portfolio is the manufacture of all the necessary accessories such as hydraulic power packs, servohydraulic testing actuators, or hydraulic distribution units. Our portfolio is constantly being expanded through a program of continuous development and inclusion of new products, allowing us to satisfy our customer’s most demanding quality requirements while continually improving the quality of our products.

Testing of spinal implants with a servohydraulic testing machine

Fatigue tests on spinal implants with an HC10 servohydraulic testing machine to ISO 12189, ASTM F2077 and ASTM F2347.

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

  • 2-column frame for dynamic tests up to 25kN.
  • Testing actuator located in upper crosshead.
  • Suitable for 10 kN and 25 kN axial actuators.
  • Suitable for combined tensile and compression/torsion actuator with maximum torque of 250 Nm.
  • Hard-chromed T-slotted platform and columns for tests in corrosive media.
  • The entire test, together with set-up and control of automatic extensometers and specimen grips, is run via the display-equipped remote control unit.
  • Wide accessory range: temperature chamber, compression platens, specimen grips, flexure test kit etc.
  • Optional hydraulic adjustment for easy positioning of upper crosshead.
  • Safety housing for compliance with CE Machinery Directive depending on application.

Technical overview

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features

Hydraulic power packs
servohydraulic actuator
Hydraulic connection unit
Hydraulic power pack 40 l/min without noise protection

Hydraulic power packs

The HP series power packs feature high operational reliability and long service life. All components are mounted on top of the oil tank for easy access.

The self-priming radial-piston pump is driven by an asynchronous motor. The nine pistons are in hydrostatically balanced contact with the stroke ring. Flow rate is regulated by the stroke-ring eccentricity, which is adjusted via two control pistons located opposite each other. The pressurized oil is routed via a high-pressure filter and is then available to the appliance.A factory-set pressure relief valve prevents excessive increases in pressure.


Testing actuator LH2500

servohydraulic actuator

ZwickRoell's servohydraulic testing actuators feature sturdy, robust construction and are used both in servohydraulic testing machines and as single testing actuators, for example on a clamping plate. When used in conjunction with a servo valve they enable complex loading sequences to be implemented with great accuracy.


Distribution unit

Hydraulic connection unit

The hydraulic distribution unit is the electrically operated switching device in servohydraulic testing machines. It connects or disconnects the hydraulic pressure for a servohydraulic testing actuator or servohydraulic testing machine.A connecting valve is allocated to each consumer, allowing them to be switched independently of each other. The modular design enables addition of an extra switching manifold whenever required.


Related products and accessories

Common fatigue tests

Materials and components may fail prematurely under oscillating loads. For this reason, the behavior of materials under alternating mechanical loading is an important decision criterion, for which the necessary data are obtained through testing.

There are two categories of fatigue in materials testing:

Low cycle fatigue (LCF) test
ISO 12106, ASTM E606
to Low cycle fatigue (LCF) test
High Cycle Fatigue Test / S-N Test
DIN 50100
to High Cycle Fatigue Test / S-N Test


Name Type Size Download
  • Product information: HC series servohydraulic testing machine PDF 293 KB
  • Product information: HC Compact servohydraulic testing machine 10/25 kN PDF 307 KB
  • Product information: HC Compact servohydraulic testing machine 50/100 kN PDF 354 KB
  • Product information: Hydraulic distribution unit PDF 396 KB
  • Product information: Hydrostatic single testing actuator 10-50 kN PDF 540 KB
  • Product information: Hydrostatic single testing actuator 100-1000 kN PDF 480 KB
  • Product information: 20 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 567 KB
  • Product information: 40 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 567 KB
  • Product information: 80 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 598 KB
  • Product information: 170 l/min. hydraulic power pack PDF 391 KB
  • Product brochure: Dynamic PDF 5 MB