Repairs and Spare Parts

Professional repairs in addition to regular inspections and maintenance ensures your materials testing machines and instruments have a long service life.

If your materials testing machine malfunctions despite regular inspections and maintenance, you are in good hands.

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Repairs must be performed efficiently and with the proper technical expertise. We use original ZwickRoell specifications and follow ZwickRoell's high quality standards. We use only original spare parts.


On-Site Repairs

ZwickRoell service technicians have fully equipped service vehicle that carries common spare parts and wear parts, as well as any necessary special tools at all times. ZwickRoell service technicians are continuously trained and retrained and are up to date on the latest technology. With many years of experience they can respond professionally to unforeseen events while servicing your machine. Qualified service technicians are available for older generation materials testing machines.

Spare Parts Availability

Fast shipment of spare parts reduces idle times of your materials testing machine. 60% of all spare and replacement parts are shipped within one day and 80% are shipped within 5 business days.

To protect your investment in a ZwickRoell materials testing machine, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for ZwickRoell materials testing machines for a minimum of 10 years after a product has been discontinued. We extend this period for as long as is commercially and technically viable, thereby significantly exceeding industry practice.

Spare parts packages can be customized, and critical spare parts can be combined to create spare parts packages to ensure availability. If necessary, the required spare parts are readily available on site, keeping idle times to a minimum.

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