Testing car seats and foams

As with all other vehicle components, the seats used in automobiles undergo extensive testing. ZwickRoell has developed a testing system which, in addition to testing seats and seat-frames, can be used to determine hardness and fatigue for foams after processing . The stiffness of the seat is a typical example of the characteristic values involved.
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The seats and frames (including the rear seat) are tested in various positions. Foams are tested for fatigue (cyclic tests) and their hardness is determined. To maximize the versatility of the servo testing actuator it is installed in a portal specially developed by ZwickRoell. It provides electrically powered travel in the X and Y directions, together with crosshead height adjustment, while positioning at a defined angle is a retrofit option. Indenters for foam testing as per standards plus a safety housing complete the package.
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With test speeds up to 500mm/second and the high-resolution testControl electronics offering measured-value acquisition up to 500Hz, a precisely tailored solution is on hand even for the most demanding testing requirements. The electro-mechanical testing actuators are available in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30kN versions. Areas of use for these actuators range from materials and component testing to testing finished end-products, while tests for production stages such as joining, force-fitting and assembly or long-stroke cyclic tests are also possible.