Alignment Measurement—Verifying Test Axis Alignment

Rising quality requirements have caused the traceability of the geometrical alignment of materials testing machines to increase in importance. Precise alignment prevents the risk of false measurements.

ZwickRoell offers alignment as well as measurement and recording the alignment of your materials testing machines.


Verifying Test Axis Alignment as per Nadcap

Nadcap stands for "National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program" and was originally a global accreditation program for suppliers to the aerospace and defense industries. Nadcap's goal is to generate economical approaches to special processes and products and promote continual improvement within accredited companies.

In contrast to certification of quality management systems as per ISO 9001 and EN 9100, Nadcap accreditation includes both detailed examination of special technical processes and an audit with regard to the observance of defined specifications and guidelines. Aerospace industry manufacturers and suppliers in particular define extremely demanding requirements for the technical and staff qualifications of testing laboratories. These requirements are specified in standards, directives, and audit criteria, and are checked through Nadcap audits allowing maximum process stability to be attained and standardization of quality guaranteed.

Alignment measurement is a component of Nadcap accreditation and is based on ASTM E1012, which stipulates compliance with defined tolerances.This is reflected in Nadcap-defined audit criteria AC 7101 and AC 7122, which define the conditions for the measuring procedure, that is the verification of test axis alignment.In addition to aerospace manufacturers and service providers, an increasing number of companies in other sectors are affected by alignment measurement as part of Nadcap accreditation requirements, for example in the mechanical and plant engineering industry and in the metals industry.

Alignment Measurement to ASTM E1012

The standardized option for alignment measurement is described in ASTM E1012 and includes a recorded inspection of test axis alignment. The electronic measurement of bending influences that can arise as a result of the smallest angular errors or offset in the test axis is required.

Our Services

Based on ASTM E1012, strain-gaged alignment transducers, which preferably conform to the geometry of the specimen to be tested at a later time, are required. An experienced ZwickRoell service technician positions the strain-gaged alignment transducer in the test axis of your testing system and it is then loaded in the elastic range.

In the event of non-uniform force application to the specimen, the applied strain gages will register different strains. These are digitalized through a connected electrical measurement amplifier and transferred to a special testXpert software test program. Material properties are determined and logged in testXpert according to standard specifications and specimen geometries. A simple, structured evaluation in testXpert II enables a ZwickRoell service technician to identify errors in the test axis on the basis of characteristic measurement results. If necessary, measures can be taken using components specifically developed for alignments to resolve alignment errors. In addition, testXpert provides adjustment recommendations for the alignment unit option, allowing detected alignment to be corrected easily and conveniently.

Our standardized strain-gaged alignment transducer works with a large percentage of the materials testing machines to be tested. Furthermore, defined geometry data can be used with strain-gaged alignment transducer according to your specific requirements.

ZwickRoell standardized strain-gaged alignment transducers for alignment measurements fulfill Nadcap and ASTM E1012 requirements. Read more about ZwickRoell strain-gaged alignment transducers...

Alignment Measurement


ASTM E1012

ASTM E1012

ASTM E1012

ASTM E1012


Nadcap AC 7101 For metals Nadcap AC 7101 Metals Nadcap AC 7101 Metals Nadcap AC 7122 Composites


Round strain-gaged alignment transducer

Round strain-gaged alignment transducer

Round strain-gaged alignment transducer

Flat strain-gaged alignment transducer

Nominal force of the machine

Max. 50 kN

Max. 100 kN

Max. 250 kN



12 times

12 times

12 times

12 times

Number of measuring planes





Strain gages per plane





Fmax of the strain-gaged alignment transducer

20 kN

40 kN

100 kN

17.5 kN

Standard measuring points

10%/20%/40% Fmax - 5 kN/10 kN/20 kN 10%/20%/40% Fmax - 10 kN/20 kN/40 kN 10%/20%/40% Fmax - 25 kN/50 kN/100 kN 1,000 μm/m  Determined strain approx. 17.5 kN

Protective elements

Necessity depends on grips used Necessity depends on grips used Necessity depends on grips used


Gripping dimensions without protective elements

L: 262 mm M16 thread L: 262 mm M16 thread L: 398 mm M24 thread

Gripping dimensions with protective elements

L: 334 mm Ø 28 mm L: 334 mm Ø 28 mm L: 443 mm Ø 35 mm L: 254 mm B: 10.2 mm
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