Preventative Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspections keeps your testing systems running and ensures your safety and the safety of the machine. Additionally, you can significantly minimize wear and reduce downtime.

Cleaning and maintenance work should be performed by trained ZwickRoell service technicians. Settings and fill levels are adjusted and checked so that the calibration of your testing machine can follow.

Wartung Inspektion

Preventative and regular maintenance and inspections carried out by ZwickRoell ensures that your materials testing machines and instruments function properly and reliably. Maintenance and inspection maintain the value of your machine and protects against unexpected repairs, prolonging your testing system's service life.

During the inspection, vulnerabilities can be uncovered and rectified in advance which could otherwise lead to erroneous test results and thus defective products. The system's general condition, its functions, and most importantly the safety-critical points should be checked regularly. Additionally, the wear and tear of wear parts should be assessed and documented.

The inspection not only maintains the reliability and full functionality of your testing machines. It is also important, since the normative directives DIN EN ISO 7500-1 specify the need for inspection prior to calibration.



Your materials testing machine and instruments including all accessories must be serviced at regular intervals. On request, we perform these services for you as described in the user guide. In addition to maintenance, we monitor individual maintenance intervals. As part of maintenance services, we document the condition and any detected defects and recommend further measures.


Inspections are carried out in detail using checklists. We determine the condition of the materials testing machine and instruments during the inspection. Necessary repairs and replacement of wear parts are completed immediately when possible. Our service technicians point out preventative measures and actions in order to plan and initiate the appropriate steps in a timely manner. Our service technicians have fully equipped service vehicles and always carry common spare parts and wear parts with them.