Testing of Springs

Among the most important classical design elements are springs, in which the elastic properties of materials are exploited for energy storage and conversion. Without springs—regardless of their design—no mechanical or electro-mechanical system would operate. The main functions of engineering springs are

  • Absorbing impacts and vibrations
  • Distributing and counterbalancing forces
  • Maintaining pretensioning
  • Maintaining a defined position or state
  • Measuring and regulating forces and moments

ZwickRoell offers special solutions for the most varied spring systems.

Uniaxial Testing of Helical Compression Springs

Rapid technical advance has led to a significant increase in the demands placed on the accuracy and durability of springs. The corollary of this is greater demands on manufacturing accuracy due to ever-smaller dimensional, form, and positional tolerances, with similarly enhanced requirements for testing technology.

The zwickiLine (single-column testing machine) with testControl II electronics, together with the precision spring compression test kit, is ideally suited for use as a precision spring testing machine. The kit is extremely transverse force-resistant and protects against overload. The ground, demagnetized compression platens have a parallel alignment of 1 µm/10 mm and precision guides permit only precise vertical movement of the compression platens. Measuring errors caused by deformation or lateral forces of the springs are reduced to a minimum thanks to the extremely stiff load cell, which is resistant to transverse forces.

Key features

  • Provides highest accuracy and repeatability for testing springs with very small tolerances
  • Force is applied to the center axis of the test area 
  • Deformation of load cell and load frame is compensated by the correction curve during the test in testXpert III





312_Pneumatic springs_02
312_Pneumatic springs_01


EN 13597に適った空気スプリングのマルチ軸荷重 

この試験システムは空気スプリングの品質保証、研究開発の分野で使われています。Fmax 250 kNのフロアタイプの装置を使用します。追加のエレクトロメカニカルドライブFmax 50 kNを水平方向に装着、5つのロードセル(3は縦方向、2つは横方向)で多軸の荷重測定を行っています。空気スプリングの縦横の剛性評価を縦方向、横方向、あるいは両方同時に荷重をかけ測定し、以下の測定チャネルはそれぞれ個別に制御可能です:

  • 縦方向の荷重及び変位
  • 水平方向の荷重及び変位
  • 空気、液体の内圧



314_Shock absorber