Kappa Creep Testing Machines

Improving the effectiveness and energy efficiency of power stations and turbine technology involves subjecting the materials used in their construction to ever higher pressures and temperatures. Creep tests for materials characterization are essential for the development of new materials resistant to these high temperatures. The high precision and versatility of the creep testing machines in our Kappa series makes them extremely cost efficient. Other advantages include

  • Test frame with 4 steel columns for high lateral and axial stiffness
  • Machine components of the highest quality, including testXpert testing software and testControl II measurement and control electronics
  • The success of testXpert is based on more than 90 years’ materials testing experience and over 30,000 successful testXpert installations worldwide.
  • Intelligent sensor technology of testControl II recognizes any sensors connected, including their defined force limits and calibration data
  • The Kappa series focuses on the essential requirements of creep testing: load, temperature, strain, and data security


The various Kappa testing machines can be used in a wide range of industries.  Long-term creep tests over thousands of hours, advanced creep tests, relaxation tests, and tensile, compression, and flexure loading for all types of materials can be performed.

Metals applications

  • Uniaxial creep test under tensile load, ISO 204:2009, DIN EN 10291:2000, ASTM E139-06
  • Stress relaxation test under tensile load, DIN EN 10319, ASTM E328-02
  • Creep crack test, ASTM E1457-07
  • Hydrogen embrittlement, ASTM F519
  • Time for rupture notch tension test, ASTM E292-01 

Plastics applications

  • Determination of creep behavior tensile: DIN EN ISO 899-1; compression: DIN EN ISO 899-2
  • Full notch creep test ISO 16770

Additional Applications

  • Textiles: creep tests with geotextiles to ASTM D6992-03 and ASTM D5262-07
  • Ceramics: customer-specific tests and applications

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ZwickRoell Helps Chinese Titanium Manufacturer WST Meet High Customer Demands

Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd. (WST) in Xi’an, China is a leading producer of titanium alloy products in the form of ingots, billets, forgings, bars, rods and wires. WST aims to expand their production capacity in order to meet the high demands of their clients. Due to this increase in production, WST chose to install a ZwickRoell Kappa 100 DS creep testing machine and a universal testing machine with a three-furnace carousel for higher specimen throughput.