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We are exicited that you would like to benefit from the advantages and diverse functions of the ZwickRoell Customer Portal.
With your individual ZwickRoell Customer Portal you can easily and conveniently keep an overview online.

Please complete the form below with your business email address.

Based on your email address we will automatically assign you to your ZwickRoell account. Consequently you can call up your test systems and individual service documents online. 

If an automatic assignment is not possible, a manual check is required. You will receive a response within a maximum of 3 working days.

Welcome to your ZwickRoell Customer Portal

  • My Testing Machines and Devices:

  • You have an overview of your ZwickRoell testing systems, including the technical equipment.
  • All service documents such as calibration certificates, inspection checklists and operating manuals are digitally at your fingertips at all times. This means you are always well equipped for an audit and have all documents quickly to hand.
  • You can see all maintenance dates at a glance.
    We remind you of your next due service appointment and ensure uncomplicated appointment scheduling.
  • ZwickRoell Accessories:

  • The ZwickRoell range of accessories is accessible worldwide, 24/7 and is a modern source of information for fast and non-binding information procurement.
  • You can independently find out about our products and send us a quote request directly.
  • Discover a variety of accessory products such as our testing software testXpert II and testXpert III, load cells, test tools, specimen grips and jaw inserts