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An Introduction to Composites Testing

Learn about the basics of composites and composites testing or refresh your knowledge. We will show you the basic test methods to enable quality assurance and design of composite structures. Explore how the ZwickRoell portfolio supports static test machines with required equipment, e.g. strain measuring, temperature chambers, or alignment. 

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Advanced Testing Methods for Composites

Learn about more complex mechanical test methods often performed for composites, such as interlaminar fracture toughness, compression-after-impact (CAI) or open- and filled-hole tension and compression. A brief overview of our portfolio for testing at different speeds will be presented and dynamic test solutions for fatigue testing of composites will be shown. 


Testing of Sandwich Composites

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ASTM E 1012 and NADCAP – Verifying and Accomplishing Correct Alignment

Verification of properly aligned testing machines is important for aerospace test laboratories. Requirements for alignment are defined in ASTM E 1012 and NADCAP audit criteria 7122. Learn about different sources for non-homogeneous loading and the effects on test results. We will demonstrate our solution for verifying and eliminating alignment errors in the load chain of your testing machine. 

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Accurate and Marking-Free Optical Strain Measurement Solutions for Composites

Our videoXtens biax 2-150 HP was designed primarily for composite applications. In this live demonstration, we will show the unique features of this best-in-class optical strain measurement system and demonstrate its use in 2D DIC strain measurement. 

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HC100 Compact: The All-in-One Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine for Static and Fatigue Testing of Composites

The HC100 Compact expanded our series of compact servo-hydraulic testing machines to include the 100 kN load range. An integrated extra-quiet power pack saves valuable lab space, eliminates additional time needed for installation of a separate hydraulic system, and still creates a very comfortable working environment. Flexible integration of a temperature chamber further widens the application spectrum. 


G1C Tests on Long Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Video Recording Option

Step into the future with the new testXpert III feature. Learn about the new ZwickRoell machine monitoring system, where machine data such as the current machine status or upcoming services is displayed in a user-friendly dashboard.


Drop Weight Testing and Test Fixtures for the Compression After Impact Test

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Compression Testing of Composites with the ZwickRoell HCCF Compression Fixture

Learn about the different methods for compression testing of composites, and discover in this live demonstration how you can simplify compression testing using our Hydraulic Composites Compression Fixture (HCCF).