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ATT advanced thermal technologies Relies on ZwickRoell Testing Machines

ATT advanced thermal technologies was founded in 2014. The company mission is market introduction of newly developed technologies in the field of thermal management, which open up new dimensions in effectiveness and energy efficiency. 

ATT Powerfilm®

ATT Powerfilm® was the first product introduced. These are extremely thin and flexible infrared surface heating elements based on a completely new electrically conductive heating polymer, which offer decisive advantages for heating interiors. Due to their strength and performance, they are suitable not only for heating vehicle interiors but also for de-icing aircraft wings and for thermal regulation of components such as radar sensors.

The quality of base materials is of great significance for research and development purposes. To ensure a high level of quality, rigorous incoming goods inspections and ongoing quality control have to take place. The zwickiLine 2.5 kN materials testing machine is used to for these diverse tasks. The zwickiLine is the ideal testing machine for ATT, since it can be easily implemented for both compression tests and flexure tests, as well as pull-off tests, with minimal setup effort.

For the qualification of base materials it is of particular importance to test the changes in material properties after heat exposure. The materials experience different stresses depending on the application. Since mainly surface heating elements are developed, the electrical resistance during deformation is a very important parameter. This is also recorded during the test. Its changes due to mechanical stress are the main result of the test.

To measure the influence of the deformation on the electrical resistance the following test, for example, is performed with the zwickiLine: An exact and reproducible compression force is applied to a pre-determined point on a gripped test subject 1,000 times, using a compression die. Resulting resistance values on additional areas on the test subject are determined with the use of strain gauges. Based on the results, ATT then has comprehensive knowledge regarding the electrical behavior of the heating elements under a defined load, and can make decisions about the suitability of base materials and revise and optimize these if necessary.

“We decided on ZwickRoell for a number of reasons,” said Alexandra Müller, Dipl.-Ing., Industrialization Manager at ATT. “We are especially impressed with the expert consultation and the great service. What also convinced us is the wide range of possible applications, mainly the large number of test programs and test tool options. Because of the free test definition feature we are also able to design and run individual tests.”

The flexibility of the testing machine with regard to retrofitting accessories and the possibility to participate in training courses in Austria and Germany were also two decisive criteria for why ATT chose ZwickRoell.