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What is experience of Bhushan Steel in working together with ZwickRoell?

“We are using ZwickRoell products for a very long time and are very satisfied with the reliable test results they provide. The service support offered by the ZwickRoell India team is very efficient!“

quote by Markanday Kunwar, deputy manager of QC Lab

Bhushan Steel Ltd (BSL) was one of the prominent players in the Indian Steel industry that was acquired by TataSteel in Mai 2018. BSL bought several machines for their Khopoli plant for testing their ERW Pipe of API grade and other grade Pipes. In order to carry out necessary material tests, they are using a 1200kN Universal testing Machine, 450J Automated Impact Tester with Notch Vision, device for measuring notch impact samples, Automated Vickers hardness tester and Rockwell Hardness Tester from ZwickRoell Group.

Universal Materials Testing Machine (Fmax, 1200kN)

This 1200kN floor standing electro-mechanical screw driven UTM, model Z1200E, is used for performing tensile test on Raw Material and sections of finished pipes at ambient temperature. As the UTM is screw driven and has a large travel, so every kind of samples can be tested by simply moving the crosshead. Fully front open and parallel acting hydraulic grips provides easy insertion of heavy samples which results in saving of energy and time. The UTM is equipped with fully automatic macro extensometer to automatically measure elongation up to break of the specimens starting from automatic gauge length setting, closing / opening of sensors arm and hence avoiding any human intervention to ensure reliable, repeatable and reproducible test results.

Pendulum Impact Tester (450J)

The 450J Impact Testing Machine, model RKP450) is supplied with semi-automatic tempering and feeding unit with capacity of 21 samples in tampering unit for testing from -180°C to 300°C. A high reproducibility of the test results is obtained because operator influences are excluded (hand temperature, moist hands, eccentric or inclined insertion of specimens etc.) and automatic alignment facility before the start of the test. The test is always done repeatedly within 5 seconds after taking the samples out of the tempering unit.

Vicker’s and Rockwell Hardness Testers

The Automated Vickers hardness tester, model ZHV30A, helps the users to map the indentation required on the polished and etched welded samples at weld, seam and body and record these values of hardness with respect to distances between indentation. The hardness Tester is equipped with fully motorized T-slotted X-Y table, with Auto Focusing, Joy Stick and Powerful Software to run the machine automatically and store the data. The Rockwell hardness tester is suitable for testing all 8 Rockwell scales and has an unique nose mounted indenter which allows accessibility on difficult to reach test areas. The hardness testers were supplied with suitable UKAS accredited Indenters and test blocks compliant with the relevant ISO and ASTM standards.