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Franchini Acciai uses modular testing system for tests in ambient and high temperatures

Franchini Acciai is a company founded in 1968 specialized in forging, heat treatment and machining of carbon steel, alloys and stainless steel. It has pursued a policy of continuous technological development and plant installation expansion, thus achieving a leading position among forgemasters.

In particular, Franchini Acciai implements strategies to diversify the offer, based on products manufactured with more efficient and competitive processes, differentiated by type of material, application and customer, in a continuous challenge to improve results. It exports all around the world and supplies products for power generation, nuclear, oil and gas, petro-chemical, machinery, naval and plant equipment sectors.

The quality control technicians supervise the entire production process for the strict compliance with the procedures provided by the quality system certified ISO 9001:2015 (DNV) and the verification of compliance with reference standards and the strict requirements of each specific sector.


Qualified and highly trained technical staff is performing destructive and non-destructive product tests in Franchini Acciai’s laboratory in Italy using state-of-the-art equipment. The mechanical tests e.g. tensile and 3-point-flexure are carried out with a ZwickRoell universal testing machine Z250 SR up to a max. force of 250 KN. The tensile tests are performed according to the standards ASTM A370, ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E21 at both ambient and high temperature, in order to verify that the materials tested satisfy the customers’ requirements on mechanical properties.

Equipped with a high-temperature furnace for 200°C to 900°C and two different contacting extensometers -one for measuring strain in high-temperature and one for measuring longitudinal and lateral strain in ambient temperature - the highly modular machine with easy to handle swivel units for extensometers and furnace enables Franchini Acciai to test in changing environmental conditions with only one testing system.

We thank Franchini Acciai for choosing ZwickRoell, the friendly cooperation and giving reference for this modular high-temperature testing system.