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Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Mechanical Testing Laboratory) Trusts its Research Work with ZwickRoell Testing Machines & Software

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) based in Chennai, India is placed itself as the NIRF # 1 (National Institute Ranking Framework of Govt. of India) ranked institute among the technical and academic institutes of national importance in higher technological education sector known for fundamental and applied research. It is also recognized as an Institute of Eminence (IoE).

“Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MME) department at IIT Madras continues to strive for excellence and realizing its vision of becoming a leading department in the country for teaching, research, and consultancy in the emerging areas of material science & engineering while consolidating its strength in traditional areas of metallurgical engineering”. To attain its vision, MME, IIT Madras needed a reliable testing partner for material testing.

In the context of materials testing, IIT Madras (Dept. of MME) uses testing machines from ZwickRoell for its research work, including the Z100 TEW with high-temperature Furnace, Kappa 100SS with three-zone 1200 C furnace and Kappa 100SS with single-zone 1600 C furnace.

These machines can perform

  • Constant strain rate and constant crosshead velocity tests.
  • Stress relaxation.
  • Constant load and constant stress creep tests.

Using these machines, various metals (high-temperature alloys for aerospace applications), ceramics (for turbine application), and some of the polymers were tested in tensile and compression mode in the temperature range from room temperature to 1600 °C.

To meet the high-quality requirements of the different components, 100% accurate measurement and documentation thereof is required. The testXpert testing software fully covers this requirement. Most of the standards, commonly used in research work, were pre-installed in the all in-suite testing software package. It also gives additional features of standard redefinition, giving the students the freedom to do their research. In addition, the software is very user-friendly and easy to adapt to all.

Another requirement in the institute is to obtain excellent service for these machines since these machines are used continuously and by various users, we cannot afford to have long breakdown time.
With the technical service and consultancy from ZwickRoell, whether remotely or physically, we have never faced any significant breakdowns. We are confident to have a reliable testing partner for material testing.

We thank ZwickRoell team for this excellent machine, accessory & after-sales support. Their customer support is highly is appreciable and acknowledged.”
Dr. Ravi Sankar Kottada,
Associate Professor,
Head, Mechanical Testing Laboratory,
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras