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Leading Materials Research Center has been equipped with 47 creep testing machines

One of the world's leading materials research centers supports the production of new and extremely heat resistant materials for the aviation industry. For several years now, this research institute has been using creep testing machines from ZwickRoell to test these materials.

Space Saving Multistation Test System for Temperatures up to +1,200°C

The creep testing machines are used to determine the mechanical and thermal properties of new heat resistant nickel base and titanium alloys at temperatures up to 1,200°C. The materials tested are used in turbine blades and the manufacture of aircraft disk brakes.

The testing center has a total of 1100 testing instruments for laboratory tests, materials testing and chemical analysis of metals and alloys. These include 38 Kappa LA lever arm testing machines with pretensioned springs and nine electromechanical testing machines, which comprehend two Kappa Multistation.

Each of the two customized Kappa Multistation has three independent test axes with a maximum force of 30 kN each. Equipped with three furnaces and three contacting high-temperature extensometers, these space saving testing machines allow simultaneous creep tests on metal specimens up to 1,200°C in accordance with ISO 204 and ASTM E139.