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Endurance Tests on Office Furniture

With eight European subsidiaries, Sedus Stoll AG in Dogern, Germany is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe. Through extensive endurance tests, products must prove their suitability for harsh everyday office use. To modernize the existing test rig from Schenck, Sedus Stoll relied on technology and expertise provided by ZwickRoell.

Everyday heavy load applications on office furniture

Office furniture is subjected to heavy loads, but is expected to last for many years without damage while maintaining a desirable appearance. A wobbly chair, a scuffed spot on a table top—things that are often tolerated in a private environment—are deemed unacceptable in offices frequented by customers. Therefore, Sedus Stoll products undergo strict tests to ensure that they meet high customer demands and expectations for the long term. Sedus performs tests according to all national and international standards, on the basis of those relevant to the industry.

New technology from ZwickRoell for old Schenck test rig

Up until now, a test rig from Schenck was used. In order to bring it technically up to date, Sedus Stoll relied on the expertise provided by ZwickRoell: the modernization project included renewal of the testing actuator, of the hydraulic power pack, the sound insulation device, and the cooling water system. The ZwickRoell Control Cube servo controller serves as the measurement and control electronics unit in connection with Cubus Light testing software. This combination is the ideal solution for retrofitting existing servohydraulic testing systems, and features a high level of flexibility and the ability for expansion. With its extremely user-friendly operating concept, even frequently changing test requirements are easily tackled.

The solution from ZwickRoell also scored in other aspects: in addition to easy operation and the solid quality, Sedus Stoll was particularly impressed by the expert consulting and support services.

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