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ZwickRoell helps control product quality

When Procter & Gamble, a leading supplier of babies nappies identified an urgent need to update one of their production line testing stations, they called on ZwickRoell for advice, support and a rapid solution.Procter & Gamble based in Manchester, UK, are recognised for the manufacture of premium class ‘Pampers’ baby care products. New product designs undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety, comfort and reliability in service and stringent quality control procedures are essential to support their high volume production process.

The company were due to commence production of a new product which required a testing machine to perform frequent quality checks. These included tension, cyclic and tear growth testing of the nappy fastening tapes to check the integrity of the bonding process and ensure these could not easily be detached.

Finding that their existing testing machine was unsuitable for the task, P&G set about finding a solution which would offer a total package accommodating a very specific test specification coupled with delivery and installation in a matter of days.

Faced with an incredibly challenging lead time, ZwickRoell collaborated with Procter & Gamble to define the optimum solution which was based on a bench mounted, single column zwickiLine machine adapted to incorporate an existing customer test fixture.

From the initial consultation between ZwickRoell and the client, the new machine was sourced, delivered and installed, including operator training, within one week of the initial approach.
Dan Browne, Line Leader at P&G, said, “I approached ZwickRoell with what I thought was a potentially unrealistic time frame as regards the delivery of a new testing machine. They were able to meet our incredibly challenging lead time and the machine was working on our production line just one week after our initial discussion. The customer service was outstanding and the whole process was handled in timely and very professional manner.“

The ZwickRoell solution averted a potentially costly delay to the production line start-up and enabled P&G to maintain outstanding product performance in order to satisfy their customer‘s requirements.
Dan added, “The ZwickRoell equipment is performing perfectly, checking product quality and enabling production continuity. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact ZwickRoell again as a first option for any further test equipment needs of this type. It was a pleasure to work with them.“

Anthony Shakes, area sales manager at ZwickRoell said, “We have a real passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations and fulfilling our internal motto: ‘We act fast, we put the customer first, and we do what we say.‘ We were delighted to be able satisfy this customer’s requirements in terms of the optimum testing solution and rapid product delivery.“