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Reliance Industries uses ZwickRoell modular testing system for tests in ambient and high temperatures

Reliance Industries Limited produces synthetic rubbers in addition to Polymer & textiles. The product range covers Polybutadiene Rubber (PBR), Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) & Butyl Rubber.
Their world-class Elastomers Customer Support Centre (ECSC) at Vadodara, Gujarat has been established keeping the most ambitious client demands in mind, while adhering to the highest global standards in terms of technology and safety.

ZwickRoell has supplied 5kN universal testing machine to ECSC. The machine has a extended test height of 1785mm to cover their present & future testing needs for elastomers. The machine can perform the tensile test according to ASTM D412 & ISO 37.
Also, many more applications like tear test, bead wire tensile testing, adhesion of bead wire to rubber matrix according to ASTM D1871 & pull out the test to tire cord according to ASTM D 4776.

The solution includes a modern measurement technique of non-contact extension measurement, which is video extensometer. The videoXtens extensometer of ZwickRoell can measure axial as well as transverse strain along with test re-run facility.
The test re-run option enables retrospective recalculation of strain values based on recorded image sequences, using different initial gauge lengths. With video capturing function of videoXtens, test recording synchronised with the measured curve is possible that can help to analyse the type of break for various specimens.
The tests at elevated temperature are performed in the temperature chamber using videoXtens extensometer.
We are delighted with the support provided by ZwickRoell Private Limited. to take care of the machine maintenance and timely resolution of the issues if any.”
Mr Shambhu Agrawal Quality manager – Reliance Industry Limited.”