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Good connection! Multi-Contact uses ZwickRoell testing system

Multi-Contact is the world's leading manufacturer of electrical plug connectors and contact systems. As well as industrial applications, the company's products are used primarily in the automotive sector, in automation, medical engineering, solar energy and testing and measuring technology. This means that Multi-Contact products must satisfy the highest standards for quality and operational reliability. In its product development and quality assurance activities Multi-Contact is supported by ZwickRoell testing systems.

The quality of plug connections at one hundred percent functionality is a key feature of Multi-Contact products. The company is constantly investing in new connection technology; monitoring of such developments, as well as of series production, includes fatigue testing in order to determine and verify the electrical and mechanical properties of the plug contacts in long-term, continuous operation.

A special ZwickRoell testing system is used for this, consisting of an electro-mechanical testing actuator (Fmax 5 kN) mounted in an adjustable test frame. This enables both horizontal and vertical orientation. The testing actuator can be operated at test speeds up to 500 mm/s,with a stroke of up to 200 mm. The system is equipped with an I/O module to enable external measuring devices used for determining electrical characteristic values to be integrated with a digital interface. A special test sequence for mechanical fatigue was developed for the testXpert II testing software, with integrated measurement phases for measuring electrical characteristic values.