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How Sanok Rubber Asserts Quality Leadership in the Market with ZwickRoell

As a leading European rubber product manufacturing entity, Sanok Rubber Company S.A. produces rubber products, rubber-to-metal bonded parts, as well as products made of rubber in combination with other materials. Sanok offers a wide range of products for customers in the automotive, construction and pharmaceutical industries, as well as manufacturers of household appliances and agriculture products.

“Quality is when the customer comes back, and not the product”

Delivering products that fully meet customer requirements and expectations, without losing sight of the costs, is a challenge that Sanok Rubber has set, especially in a market with continually growing competition. To not only attain their own high quality standards, but more importantly those of the customers, the company uses the latest materials and process technologies and operates a fully equipped testing laboratory at the company site in Sanok, Poland. Qualified laboratory employees test raw materials, rubber compounds, as well as purchased parts (tapes, cords, woven fabrics, lacquers etc.) and finished products using modern testing equipment.

Consistent and effective in accordance with the zero-defects concept

Under the premise of not allowing any errors in the production process, every raw material and every component is subjected to a defined quality assessment process before entering production. Furthermore, the material characteristic values of finished rubber compounds are monitored under different influencing factors such as temperature, humidity, ozone, oil, etc. Finally, the end products are tested with function and load tests in a designated area of the lab with specialized testing machines.

Creep behavior of chassis anti-vibration systems

For creep tests as well as static deflection, adhesion and strength tests on chassis system components, the company uses a Kappa 50 DS testing machine from ZwickRoell. Among other things, components such as spring bearings, strut mounts and vibration dampers are tested in a force range up to 50 kN with constant load and a test duration up to 168 hours. This electromechanical creep testing system was equipped with a temperature chamber, which allows for creep tests in a temperature range of -40 to +120°C. Laboratory employees are protected from possible hazards posed by splintering specimens, since the machine is equipped with a shatter-proof polycarbonate safety device.

Sanok Rubber Company S.A. laboratory engineers state, “We are very pleased with the quality of the testing machine and the service offered by ZwickRoell. Without any doubt, it is one of the best testing machines we have”.