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Taiyuan University of Technology Relies on ZwickRoell for Performing Tests in Varying Environmental Conditions

The Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) is a public university in China whose strength lies in basic research. TYUT engages in the research and development of high-temperature and ultra-high temperature structural materials, light alloy reinforcement, as well as the design, analysis, and performance prediction of material boundary structures. To determine the stress concentration of metals under high and ultra-high temperatures, the university equipped its Analysis & Testing Center with a high-temperature testing system from ZwickRoell.

High-temperature testing system at a glance:

  • AllroundLine testing machine Z250 SH with a nominal force of 250 kN
  • Tensile tests on round and flat specimens to ISO 6892-1 and -2, ASTM E8 and ASTM E21
  • Large temperature range:
    - Temperature chamber: from ambient temperature up to + 200°C
    - High-temperature furnace: from +200°C to +1,200°C
  • The long-time proven temperature controller ensures reproducible, user-independent temperature control along the specimen
  • Two non-contact extensometers:
    - laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ for measuring the axial strain in the entire temperature range
    - videoXtens 1-140 T for multiple transverse strain measurement within the initial gauge length of the
    specimen at ambient temperatures
  • Easy-to-use swivel units for extensometers and furnace enables testing under varying environmental conditions
  • Reliable test results with testXpert III workflow-based testing software