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Professional internship

Do you want to gain professional experience while still in school? ZwickRoell offers you the right opportunity: You get a first glimpse into the working world and a taste of technical or commercial work. We offer first-hand experience in completing tasks, some of which you do on your own, in one of the many departments within ZwickRoell. Use this internship as your personal opportunity to identify your preferred field of work before you enter the working world. An internship allows you to show your prospective employer your interest in practicing the profession while you study and that to bring enthusiasm to the job.

Apply through our job board (here) or send your application to:

Ms. Ruth Heger

ZwickRoell GmbH&Co. KG

August- Nagel- Str. 11

89079 Ulm

Technical summer program takes place the first week of summer vacation

This summer program is a great opportunity during your summer vacation. If you are between the ages of 12 and 15, ZwickRoell offers an interesting and technically oriented summer program based on the motto "Technology is Fun." You can show or explore your technical skills by sawing, filing, bending, and soldering. Additionally, you will also learn more about the exciting field of materials testing.

For Students