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Leading Chinese Automotive Company is Testing in the Temperature Range of -80°C to 1,200°C

Chongqing’s Changan Automobile Company, Ltd. and its subsidiaries manufacture and sell automobiles, automobile engines, and service parts primarily in the People’s Republic of China.

Changan is one of the top automotive companies in the country, and produces environmentally friendly cars, microvans and trucks. As an early leader in the Chinese automotive industry, the company invests extensively in advanced research and innovative new technologies. By 2025, Changan will stop selling traditional fuel vehicles and make a complete transition to electric products.

The laboratory of mechanical properties in Chongqing is equipped with two universal testing machines from ZwickRoell. The Z250 SH and Z050 TH are used for performance testing of metals, guide material selection and application, new process validation, on-site material management, and quality control.

The Z050 TH is a modestly equipped testing system for 3-point flexure and compression tests at room temperature, for a maximum force of 50 kN. The Z250 SH is a fully equipped testing system, which allows for additional tensile tests at a temperature range of - 80°C to 1,200°C. This system is equipped with a high-temperature furnace, a temperature chamber, and a laserXtens 2-120 HP/TZ. This flexible non-contact extensometer guarantees precise strain measurement of specimens with different shapes, dimensions and sizes at room temperature, or in combination with the high-temperature furnace (200°C to 1,200°C), or the temperature chamber (-80°C to 200°C).

The AllroundLine testing machines from ZwickRoell are supporting Changan in the development of technological background to certify the performance of the materials used in their engines and cars, and to reduce costs and subsequently keep up with future trends.