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Investigation of Linear Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics

Gövert, located in Essen, is an accredited testing service provider. Among other things, the company carries out mechanical-technological and metallographic investigations, as well as corrosion tests on a variety of materials.

Investigation of fracture toughness

For the investigation of fracture toughness, the company uses SEB specimens according to standard DIN EN ISO 15653.In the course of the test, a crack is created in the specimen. The critical stress magnitude K1C or CTOD (δ) is then determined on the frozen specimen according to standards DIN EN ISO 12135, DIN EN ISO 15653, British Standard 7448, ASTM E1820 and ASTM E399, using a static test.

The critical stress intensity factor K1Cdescribes the resistance of a material to crack growth,

while the CTOD (δ) describes the crack tip openings throughout the fracture progress of the specimen.

For control of the tests and determination of the above-mentioned values, the company uses our testXpert R software solution.

In addition to fracture mechanics investigations, Gövert also performs high cycle fatigue tests on various standard specimens and components to investigate their service life.

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