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ZwickRoell Meets the Quality Requirements set Forth by Früh Verpackungstechnik AG

The Swiss company Früh Verpackungstechnik AG is one of the leading companies for flexible and customized packaging solutions and contract packaging in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. These industries in particular, require high levels of safety and quality to ensure protection of products, persons and customers. To achieve these requirements, Früh relies on materials testing machines from ZwickRoell—and this for good reason.

Reliable test results with the zwickiLine

To meet high quality requirements, the packaging materials produced in the company’s own packaging material production facility are laboratory-tested with the latest analytical devices. From incoming packaging inspection, to end-of-line inspection of films and special inspection for internal and external validation, Früh relies on the powerful zwickiLine materials testing machine. The zwickiLine not only features high load frame stiffness, but also measurement stability and reliability of test results.

Altogether, Früh is using six zwickiLine materials testing machines. Because of the high and wide-ranging test requirements, each individual machine runs almost on a daily basis. The materials testing machines are predominantly used for tensile tests on films. These tests determine the force that must be applied to separate the films (lidding films) of packaging such as blisters, for example. If the determined value corresponds with Früh’s internal quality requirements, the company moves forward with production. In addition, results from sealed-seam strength tests and the determination of sliding friction resistance are important characteristic values determined with these testing machines. The quality control process is completed with tests to determine load to failure or strain at break, as well as puncture tests, determination of the Young's modulus and special testing in the areas of validation and pharmaceuticals.

testXpert III testing software guarantees traceability

The testing software is crucial for all six testing machines. To guarantee reliable test results, precise, continuous and tamper-free documentation is imperative. With the traceability option, testXpert III guarantees compliance with all of these requirements. With the user management feature, different users can be created with various permission levels. A user with limited rights, for example, can only run tests and does not have the ability to make changes to the test settings. To prevent data manipulation, any configuration changes are also documented and protected with an electronic signature.

Früh Verpackungstechnik is convinced. “The ZwickRoell testing system is as if tailor-made for our applications. The combination of materials testing machine and testing software provides us with guaranteed reliable test results, which is essential in our industry. We always participate in ZwickRoell training courses with great interest. Through these courses, we learned how to optimally use our testing machines and have continuously deepened our level of knowledge,” said Hans Jörg Foster, Head of Quality Control at Früh Verpackungstechnik AG.

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