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Highest Quality Standards in Cable Testing

Kabelwerk Meißen has been an experienced partner for solutions in the field of cables and electrical wires for 150 years. All special stranded wires and conductors as well as insulating and sheathing materials are produced at the company location in Meißen, Germany. To ensure consistently high product quality, the cable factory relies on the ProLine universal testing machine from ZwickRoell—and this with good reason.

The ProLine was specifically developed to test components and materials in a force range of 5-100 kN. For determination of the mechanical properties of wires, stranded wires and insulating/sheathing materials for cables and electrical wiring, the company requires forces of 5 kN, which makes the ProLine the best solution for their needs. Different tests are performed along the entire production process to ensure consistently high quality of the electrical wiring products and to meet the demanding internal quality specifications according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management guidelines.

To measure extension the company uses the long travel extensometer, which was specifically designed for ductile materials. This extensometer guarantees high resolution over the entire measurement range up to specimen break, as well as for higher forces and brittle specimen material.

Both the universal testing machine and the extensometer are controlled via the testXpert III testing software. Intuitive and efficient operation for changing test tasks and adaptation options within the software and the test program stand out in particular.

Christoph Hundt, materials engineer with Kabelwerk Meißen Wilhelm Balzer GmbH was immediately convinced of the benefits provided by the combination of testing machine, extensometer and testing software: “We were able to test the solution in advance in the testing lab at ZwickRoell and realized that it was the perfect solution for our tasks. Not only were we impressed with this service, but also with their comprehensive expert consulting services and the large selection of components.”


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