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Innovative testing system for air spring systems

The GMT Group is a leading international manufacturer of anti-vibration components and systems.  Research and development are key factors in the success of the GMT Group, as reflected by the company’s ongoing investmentin these areas. GMT has acquired a ZwickRoell testing system for use in the development of innovative air spring systems. 

GMT air springs are a component part of the secondary suspension system located between the bogie frame and body of rail vehicles.  The springing effect is derived from the compressibility of air and reduces the natural vibrations of the bogie and the vehicle body, aswell as dampening ride noise. 

For air-spring quality assurance and product development the Company uses a ZwickRoell testing system.  Tests performed are mainly to EN 13597; values determined include airtightness, internal pressure over static axial force and axial/radial stiffness.

The tests are carried out using a ZwickRoell materials testing machine (Fmax 250 kN); horizontal forces are applied by means of an additional electromechanical testing actuator (Fmax 30 kN).  A special six-component force measurement platform is installed in the machine for spring testing.  In the interests of convenient operation and for safe, reliable feeding of air springs into the machine, an insertion device with pneumatic lift-unit for specimens up to 250 kg is fitted.

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