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ZwickRoell supplies testing machine to the Jiangsu Shagang Group

The Jiangsu Shagang Group is one of the largest national industrial enterprises, and the largest private steel enterprise in China, headquartered in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. The company’s assets total RMB150 billion, and the number of employees is over 30,000. In 1998, the Shagang Group founded the Shagang Technology Center. The Institute of Research of Iron & Steel, Sha-Steel / Jiangsu Province is the research and development sector of the company. The R & D team is comprised of recognized researchers from China and other countries around the world. In addition to the laboratory, the institute consists of eleven development subdivisions, of which the three main departments focus on product-related research and development, process engineering, and automation & control.

zwickiLine with special griper

For one specific customer project, the research and development department had to fulfill the specific requirements for a tensile test on custom-developed steel micro specimens. The customer wanted to measure the elongation with minimum initial gauge lengths (up to 1 mm), which poses a challenge. 

The optimal solution: the zwickiLine 2.5 kN universal testing machine with micro specimen grips and the laserXtens 1-15 HP. Under the given constrained specimen conditions, only an optical extensometer is able to measure the elongation. With particularly high resolution and a telecentric lens, the laserXtens 1-15 HP extensometer is the ideal solution for such small specimens. Even though the extensometer is rated for a minimum gauge length (L0) of 3 mm, smaller values, starting at 1 mm, can be easily set in the testXpert III testing software. 

This solution was pre-tested in the laboratory and won the customer’s approval.