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Kolbenschmidt Evaluates Materials for Combustion Engines at High Temperatures

KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH is part of Rheinmetall Automotive AG and is active in the development and manufacture of pistons for internal combustion engines. The company focuses on the major challenges that face the automotive industry: increase performance, reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption. To test and evaluate piston materials, Kolbenschmidt relies on a high-temperature testing system from ZwickRoell.

Increased performance requirements on piston manufacturers

The demands on pistons for gasoline and diesel engines have become more intense over the past few years. Increased performance requirements with lower fuel consumption requires the highest level of thermal and mechanical resilience, with pistons that are continuously decreasing in size and weight. Kolbenschmidt develops and manufactures efficient friction- and weight-optimized pistons for cars and trucks.

AllroundLine testing system for evaluation of piston materials

Kolbenschmidt uses a ZwickRoell high-temperature testing machine to evaluate the mechanical and thermal resistance of piston materials and to compare them with each other. The Z250 SR AllroundLine testing machine is used to perform tensile tests according to ISO 6892-2 and ASTM E21. With the 3-zone furnace, operating temperatures in gasoline and diesel engines can be simulated, and tests can be performed on aluminum alloys and steel materials under real temperature conditions of +100°C to +800°C. A side-attaching, accuracy class 1 to EN ISO 9513 extensometer ensures precise strain measurement. Information gathered from the high-temperature tests allow Kolbenschmidt to draw conclusions on the strength and heat resistance of the piston materials and evaluate the suitability of the material for use in pistons.

Reproducibility of the high-temperature test results

Prior to acquiring the high-temperature testing system, Kolbenschmidt depended on different testing service providers, which made reproducibility of the test results difficult. With the purchase of their own complete high-temperature system from ZwickRoell, which provides precise temperature control, easy handling and workflow-oriented testing software, Kolbenschmidt is ensured repeatable and traceable test results for the long term.