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ZwickRoell customer - Malaysian Rubber Board - awards Scientist of the Year

The Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) is the custodian of the rubber industry in Malaysia, with a significant contribution to the development of the rubber industry since 94 years.

The primary objective of MRB is to assist in the development and modernisation of the Malaysian rubber industry in all aspects from cultivation of the rubber tree, the extraction and processing of its raw rubber, the manufacture of rubber products and the marketing of rubber and rubber products.

MRB and its research & development projects continue to boost the income of the country, while benefiting smallholders. One of the projects is also the annual recognition of their “Top Innovators”. To turn really interesting ideas into workable innovations requires a lot of discipline, dedication, sacrifice and passion. The scientists in the MRB have shown that they possess these intrinsic qualities to develop innovations that are globally competitive.

This year the winners of the best Innovation Awards were introduced during the Rubber Forum in Kuala Lumpur in March 2020. The title “Scientist of the Year” was awarded to Dr. Azira Abd Aziz. For her scientific work she uses also a recently purchased AllroundLine Fmax 10kN to conduct tensile and puncture test on rubber products such as gloves, film and foam.