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The PSG Institute of Technology & Applied Research in Coimbatore Relies on ZwickRoell for Industrial Textiles Testing

About the institute: PSG Tech Centre of Excellence (COE) Indu Tech is a project promoted by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, it is the home of the Industrial Textiles and Home Textiles Centre of Excellence. The Ministry of Textiles has launched a programme to provide research and testing services for industrial textiles such as automotive textiles and conveyor belts.

The Test System in Use

Being a CoE for Industrial Textiles, they needed a premium testing machine which will attract major industries in and around the location for research as well as testing services. Having a huge facility with multiple testing possibilities, PSG, bought two Universal Testing Machines from ZwickRoell of 10kN & 100kN to test.

“Throughout the project, ZwickRoell's technical consulting helped us identify the testing potential for now and consider all of the future benefits. As the COE, we intended to provide the best testing and research services to the industry. We have a trustworthy testing partner in ZwickRoell. 

Dr Thilagavathi G, Head of Department, PSG Institute”

All easy testing and lower load tests are performed with the 10kN UTM, while all heavier applications are performed with the 100kN UTM. The non-contact VideoXtens Extensometer and wide-width hydraulic grips for conveyor belt samples and geotextiles can be used for a variety of applications.

The ability to mount extra grips using T-Slots instead of removing the main grip adds to the convenience of changing fixtures.

With testing software testXpert, all key standards are incorporated in an all-in-one software package, saving time for research students. The condition monitoring tool saves all machine-specific data in a local database on the machine PC, which is also beneficial for students.